the story within the story

the story within the story


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here comes the judge

Florida prosecutor Angela Corey wants to increase Marrisa Alexander sentence t to 60 years.

19 year old black teen Shannon Nyamodi went from being an inmate to hostage of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. He has been chagred with attempted first - degree murder of a white woman in Youngsville, NC But in the police repoort... more

shannon's story

Join me today as i continue my investgation into the ilegal hold of 18 year old Shannon Nyamodi by Franklin County Sheriff's office in Youngsville, NC he is a black teen who has never been in trouble with the law, wasn't in any gangs... more

Today we continue our investergation of 18 year old Shannon Nymdomi who sits in a Franklin county jail chaged with the attempted first degree of 43 year old Rhonda Maclean a white woman and Shannon a black teen who has never been... more

This story has more swist and turns in it than a movie on lifetime. Last week our story took us to Youngsville, NC it was an interview with Elizabeth Crudup she is the mother of 18 year old Shannon Nyamodia who now sits in a Franklin... more