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Injustice Investigations

the story within the story


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He was Louisiana longest-serving death row inmate behind bars for a murder he did not commit Glenn Ford gave the state of Louisiana 30 years but thanks to the innocent project he is now a free man but the state of Louisiana is refusing to... more

If you had never heard of Ferguson Missouri before you have now, a white officer executes an 18 year old unarmed black teen and all hell breaks loose. Ferguson Missouri has a history of racism discrimination police brutality from White offices... more

Songs like Sweet Lady, zodiac signs, Stay have made women fall in love with his sweet silky voice and dark chocolate skin. But many are now upset with some controversial remarks he had to say about Shreveport, Louisiana join Yvette... more

Police Brutality cases

When an individual takes an oath to uphold the law the citizens does not expect for the police officers to become the criminals they are chasing cops lies and alibis

Since the election of this nation's first black president in 2008 racism has been on the rise. There have been a lot of racially motivated crimes, racism is on the rise and I've got the proof.

Donald Sterling racist remarks

todays news

Are we seeing a rise in teenage runaways? Or is soical media making us more aware of it? Either way when i start seeing the same face over and over again to me we can drop the caption ''missing" and replace it with, ''Gone" but... more