Alpha Centauri & Beyond

Alpha Centauri & Beyond

D Wayne Dworsky

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Alpha Centauri & Beyond broadcasts every Monday at 8 pm ET. The talk show and radio drama will alternate to provide listeners with a complete entertainment package. The show is about science and science fiction. We discuss issues modern science faces as well as science fiction novel plots, themes and special effects in motion pictures.

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Clifford Johnson is an English theoretical physicist and professor at the University of Southern California. His work on string theory makes him the perfect candidate to explain what it all means in understandable terms. He... more
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Professor Max Tegmark is an MIT physicist specializing in precision cosmology. Although his undergraduate work was done at the Royal Institution of Technology at Stockholm, he earned his MA and Ph.D. at Berkley, California. He's... more

What would happen if we could travel faster than light? What would happen if we could orbit a black hole? What would happen if we could move through time? See how Albert Einstein clarified the whole concept of light speed and its... more

How do we discover new planets? What are the challenges to discover a habitable planet? Could we find another Earth? Join us to discover the new tools that provide the planet finder technology that may give us a window... more

Could there be life on Europa? A discussion of Galileo and Arthur C. Clarke tells all. Galileo's discovery led to some of the most fascinating ideas ever to curdle the pages of science fiction and pave the way for a journey never imagined in our... more

Ever wonder what happens when a star runs out of fuel? Allan Sandage tells us. Until very recently, no one in the cosmological arena had any idea of what happens when all of a star's fuel has finished. That's because, since the birth of... more

Christopher Impey is a British astronomer, educator and author. His work is supported with a twenty million dollar grant from NASA and NSF. He's authored over 160 papers on cosmology and astrobiology. He's also written a series of... more

NASA's hopes to return to the moon with a fresh perspective. The moon has been our companion for over 4 billion years, yet we hardly know it. There are treasures there waiting to be discovered. The moon's surface is rich with Helium3, oxygen,... more

Katherine V. Rowe is back with a vibrant discussion of "Puzzle X: Solve for God". In addition to discussing the Higgs Boson and Dr. Persinger's work, it primarily explores an integrated Theory of Everything, wherein "God" is defined as the... more

Les Johnson is a scientist, an author, and the Deputy Manager for NASA's Advanced Concepts Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He thrice received NASA's Exceptional Achievement Medal and has 3... more
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