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Leadership; The Way I See It


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Our conversations will evolve the topic of leadership. We will examine individual behavior and partner with listeners to achieve our goals and dreams!

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The other day I heard someone say they 'keep it real' all the time. Then I heard another person say that 'authentic leadership' is the best leadership. Then I heard both people say to a listening audience that we have to know when to be... more

I think it is fair to say that many of us do not give enough credit to, and appreciation for, the men and women that play arguably the most important role in employee satisfaction. The Recruiter is the first face of the organization, the first... more

Each of us has a unique voice, unique opinions, and a unique view point. This is mostly do to our personal experiences and may also be simply rooted in how we were raised. Why is it the so difficult to mainitain our stance on an issue... more

It is a huge honor to be requested to deliver a keynote address. I have been Blessed to have delivered 4 different College & University Graduation Commencement addresses, and a countless number of conferences. Today I... more

It is very difficult to stay motivated to accomplish a goal when you are greeted with a consistent pattern of road blocks, disappointments, and rejections. Today we will discuss the key to staying motivated when it would be so much easier... more

(Frustration Usually Goes Give It Time). The simple truth is that nothing human beings have a part in is perfect. There is no perfect time, to make the perfect decision, which results in the pefect outcome. While you are busy planning, life... more

Where two or more human beings are gathered, there is bound to be at least one discussion rooted in rumor. Today we discuss how rumors get started, what to do when they involve you, and how to avoid the career ending 'rumor mill'. Special... more

Did you know that 84% of all millionaires in the United States are self made? Did you know that there are many of us that are sick of people talking about what others have? Did you know there is large group of us that have decided to take... more

(Frustration Usually Goes; Give It Time). We are all busy so there's no need to compare who among us has the most to worry about. To be honest, it drives me crazy when I see people smiling when I'm in a panic. Do they think my... more

It happens to all of us. We get stuck in a personal or professional rut and start experimenting with change in order to get excited about life again. Perhaps we pick up a hobby, join a club, network for new friends, or explore new... more
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