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Leadership; The Way I See It


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Our conversations will evolve the topic of leadership. We will examine individual behavior and partner with listeners to achieve our goals and dreams!

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It seems that everyone is an expert and everyone else knows what is best for us. There are so many books, seminars, audio sets, coaches, trainers, and television shows dedicating to fixing us that it is no wonder we are still confused. Today... more

Do you have an 'Open Door' policy at work? Today we discuss what that really means, why employees are reluctant to walk through it, and what leaders can do to invite more honest and transparent conversation.

Today we are discussing, self-talk and change. We will examine how we are talking ourselves into (or out of) negative behaviors and what we can do change it. Thanks for listening and 'following' the show!

Today we explore the difference between dreaming, debt, and deficit. Having a clear understanding of their meaning may help us to identify where we are our leadership journey of evolving.

Today we discuss intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. We explore why people quit and how to identify what really motivates us to succeed.

Today we discuss Resilience and Toughness. Both are loosely applied to leaders but there is a clear distinction between the two. We examine which more closely describes our leadership and how to maintain a healthy dose of both.

(Monday, April 30th, we experienced technical difficulties. We will redo the show Tuesday, April 30th). Today we are discussing our confidence and egos. A healthy dose of confidence is good and a great belief in our ability is important.... more

This episode will force us to do a little 'Spring Cleaning' with our circle of influence. Are our friends and family really supporting us on our journey to evolve as leaders, or are they speed bumps disguised as support systems? Though... more

Today we will be discussing control. There are so many barriers to a smooth achievement of our goals that they are not even worth mentioning. What we can do however is understand our scope of control and maintain sanity on the... more

Today we will talk about Tolerance. We will examine how our behavior, intentionally and unintentionally, impacts our leadership and the achievement of both personal and professsional goals.
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