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Leadership; The Way I See It


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Patience and Resilience are nice buzz words but can quickly turn irritating if your organization shows no signs of evolving. How do you know when to just 'hang in there' and when to initiate your exit strategy. Join me for this discussion as... more

Do you place a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door and people still knock? Do you block time on your calendar and people still figure out a way to schedule a meeting with you. Do you take a personal day only to be working from home?... more

Today I have the honor of having a conversation with an amazing college student, Mr. Bob Pauly. He is a Theology and History major at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. I am especially interested in hearing his thoughts on leadership,... more

It may not be that you're being held hostage by your job. It may just be that you are stuck in a dead end job! Join me today as we discuss the difference. www.kellyleadershipgroup.com www.facebook.com/KellyLeadershipGroup... more

Raise your hand if you feel 'trapped' by your job. I know that has been how I've felt a few times in my early career. Today we discuss this feeling and how it happens. Join me if you're ready to break from the job and take your life back!... more

Inaction is causing you pain. This pain may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Unless pain is your favorite feeling, it's time to make a decision and get going! The world is not waiting for you! www.kellyleadershipgroup.com... more

Everybody has a plan for something. There's a plan to solve every social ill we currently face, a plan for every personal struggle we are going through, and a plan to address an issue in a relationship. At some point, the planning has to... more

Are you currently spending your days doing something that does not feed your soul? If the answer is no but you are not sure what your passion is, how do you go about finding your passion? What if your passion does not generate... more

Though not the most comfortable thing for a leader to do, delivering corrective action is one of the most important. When delivered effectively, everyone involved is motivated and inspired to enhance customer experience. When not... more

How do you decide when to donate money to a charity group or organization? What is the 'triggering event' that would cause us to address the issue of poverty in the same fashion we addressed the Banking Crisis, Automotive Industry,... more
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