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Join Dennis Daniel as he dives into the worlds of animé, professional wrestling, and pop culture to bring you the best of all three worlds in one action-packed radio program. If that's not enough for you, then "The Dennis Daniel Show" is also up your alley. Join Dennis & John as they sit down with some of your favorite guests and talk about their careers and answer some of your listener requests. Our newest show, Canterlot Radio, offers fans of the popular "My Little Pony" universe the most creative and exciting content created by the Brony community. Join DJ Mic Check as he brings you the lastest news, music, and contests, and makes BlogTalkRadio 20% Cooler! Remember, in the worlds of the All Taste Explosion, anything can and WILL happen!

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This Sunday, several WWE superstars enter a twisted, warped, and nightmarish structure. We are talking of course of Hell in A Cell. Join Dennis Daniel as he discusses the double main event between Cena/Orton and Rollins/Ambrose, the various championship matches taking place and whether or not WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar will appear at the PPV. It's the Hell in a Cell Countdown 2! Friday at 7PM EST!
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With Summer now becoming a distant memory, Canterlot Radio looks forward to Fall, and shaking things up on BlogTalkRadio. This week, we look at what happens when Derpy goes ballistic in an all new NewsStable, read another... more

With Summer starting to wind down, Canterlot Radio sends it off the only way he knows how. It's a Farewell to Summer edition of the program with some of the hottest hits of the Summer for the MLP Community. This week, we look at the... more

Across Equestria, many ponies are getting ready to resume their learning in school. Luckily, Canterlot Radio is here to get you ready with a special "Back to School" edition of BlogTalkRadio's hottest MLP music program! This week, we're... more

It's officially "The Biggest Party of the Summer", and the All Taste Explosion is getting you ready for Sunday's WWE SummerSlam PPV with the SummerSlam Spectacular! Join Dennis as he runs down the match card, gives you his... more

What's that big pink fluffy marshmallow? Is it even alive? Well, Mic Check takes a hard look at the Brony community's lovable Fluffle Puff in this episode of Canterlot Radio. This week, Mic Check looks at "Equestria Girls" sales in the NewsStable,... more

Mic Check's a little shook up, and it's not lingering jet lag from Everfree NW. There was a lot of shaking this past weekend and he catches you up on everything. This week, we look at Bronycon and a seismograph on the... more

The citizens of Equestria fear neither Changelings nor Parasprites. Rather, the greatest threat of all pony kind is…internet trolls. However, one pony rises up to challenge the threat of the trolls. His name…is Mic Check!... more

With the 20th anniversary of Otakon just a week away, The Dennis Daniel Show is back with an all new installment, but with a guest that's all too familar with the program. On the next Dennis Daniel Show, we welcome back voice actor and... more

The Summer of Bigger Biggerness 3 continues with the next installment of The Dennis Daniel Show, when we're joined by voice actor, Todd Haberkorn. Todd is a very acclaimed voice actor who has been in countless anime and is... more

The Ponynado has settled down, but Canterlot Radio finds itself a day early, and a lot of things to cover from this past weekend's Comic-Con. This week, we discuss the Comic-Con announcements regarding MLP:FiM Season 4 in the... more