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Join Dennis Daniel as he dives into the worlds of animé, professional wrestling, and pop culture to bring you the best of all three worlds in one action-packed radio program. If that's not enough for you, then "The Dennis Daniel Show" is also up your alley. Join Dennis & John as they sit down with some of your favorite guests and talk about their careers and answer some of your listener requests. Our newest show, Canterlot Radio, offers fans of the popular "My Little Pony" universe the most creative and exciting content created by the Brony community. Join DJ Mic Check as he brings you the lastest news, music, and contests, and makes BlogTalkRadio 20% Cooler! Remember, in the worlds of the All Taste Explosion, anything can and WILL happen!

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Love is in bloom this week, and Canterlot Radio is getting you ready for Valentine's Day with the first ever "Hearts and Hooves Day Extravaganza." Join Mic Check as he plays songs dedicated to love all over Equestria, shares... more

Mic Check is feeling much better, and now that he is back to 100%, it's time to get back on track and pump up the jams. This week, Mic Check reflects on the tragic incident involving Michael Morones, the Brony who tried to commit suicide after... more

The Road to Wrestlemania XXX begins at the first PPV of the year for the WWE. It's brutal in its' design, but to the winner, a chance at immortality at the grandest stage of them all. This year, thirty superstars will compete in... more

Brrrr! There's a nasty winter front hitting all over the country, and no one's feeling it more than Canterlot's residential radio pony, Mic Check. Not to worry, because he's got some of the hottest sounds to warm up the day. This week, Mic Check... more

Canterlot Radio promsied bigger and better things in 2014, and we deliver with his first guest of the new year. This week, we debut the all new segment, "Pony Talk with Mic Check" and our first guest is none other than Swedish MLP... more

It's 2014, which means only one thing...we're back! Canterlot Radio enters the new year and brings you a new year full of awesome MLP music, hard-hitting news, and everything that makes the show BlogTalkRadio's hottest... more

It's the final Canterlot Radio of 2013, and the holidays are here once again. For the first time ever, Canterlot Radio presents its' first ever Christmas special, known as "A Canterlot Radio Hearth's Warming Eve!" In the world of Equestria,... more

WWE wraps up the year with one of the most violent nights of the year for its' Superstars. This is the one night of the year where "TLC" doesn't stand for "Tender Loving Care." It's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, and the All... more

Canterlot Radio is back once again and Mic Check has some incredible new songs that he wants to share with the Brony fandom. This week, we look at "Daring Don't" in the episode synopsis, we review the all new MLP:FIM... more

The Dennis Daniel show is back and in the festive season of giving, and what better way to get into the holiday season by bringing 2013 to a close. This week, we go out with a bang with actor Zach Callison. Zach is best known as the title... more