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Join Dennis Daniel as he dives into the worlds of animé, professional wrestling, and pop culture to bring you the best of all three worlds in one action-packed radio program. If that's not enough for you, then "The Dennis Daniel Show" is also up your alley. Join Dennis & John as they sit down with some of your favorite guests and talk about their careers and answer some of your listener requests. Our newest show, Canterlot Radio, offers fans of the popular "My Little Pony" universe the most creative and exciting content created by the Brony community. Join DJ Mic Check as he brings you the lastest news, music, and contests, and makes BlogTalkRadio 20% Cooler! Remember, in the worlds of the All Taste Explosion, anything can and WILL happen!

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Blood could be spilled, bones could be broken, and careers could come to an end! All of this is possible when WWE presents the only night of the year where the only rules that matter are "Extreme Rules" Join the All Taste Explosion... more

Mic Check's been gone for a few weeks now, and boy, what a two weeks it has been. Don't fret, he's here to get you all caught up. This week, Mic Check discusses his Goldie Award nomination, talks about the all new MLP... more

Canterlot Radio hits FIFTY episodes, and there's no signs of stopping. This week, Mic Check talks MLP in the game of Life in the NewsStable, reflects on "Testing, Testing! 123" in another Episode Synopsis. We also share an important... more

We know that April Fool's Day has come and gone, but we here at Canterlot Radio believe that everyone's favorite pranksters deserves their day, and we're dedicating an entire day to everything Pinkie Pie and Discord. This week, we... more

We continue down the road to ?Five Years of The Dennis Daniel Show,? and our next stop features an all-new guest! On the next Dennis Daniel Show, we talk with voice actress Mela Lee. Mela Lee is best known as Shinku from the classic... more

It's been quite the week for Bronies everywherre, and Canterlot Radio is here to make some sense of it. This week, we look at the latest ceast and desist orders handed down by Hasbro in the NewsStable, We talk about "For Whom the... more

Canterlot Radio invites you to join us for a very special celebration. One year ago on March 20, 2013, a new kind of radio program premiered and changed the Brony fandom. That show was Canterlot Radio and after nearly 50 episodes, it's... more

With one week until their One-Year Anniversary Spectacular, Canterlot Radio gets the Bronies in the celebratory mood. This week, Brony artist LeekFish joins us in the Brony Spotlight, we look at a Brony-themed episode of "Bob's Burgers"... more

It would appear that Mic Check is not himself this week. What will happen when he has to do the a Breezy? Also this week, we look at TrotCon's newest guests in the NewsStable, and ask you what kind of magical creature you would... more

It looks like Princess Twilight Sparkle is returing to Canterlot High, but is everyone high on seeing a sequel to "Equestria Girls" later this year? It's just one of the things Mic Check checks out this week on the program. Also this week, Mic... more