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Discussions about current topics that affect us in our lives on a daily basis. We talk about life, politics, new trends, music and what's hot breaking news.

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Has the Ray Rice story bring out all the bad boys in the NFL?Everyday there is a new poster child for criminal activity. They can't seem to keep their hands off their wives, girlfriends and others.Seems like the teams make decisions about their... more

Would you like to learn to play piano. Always been on your bucket list? Its a great way to relax and can help relieve stress. We have instruction that can help the beginner, intermediate as well as advanced musicians. Would you love to be... more

Is getting whipped with a switch or belt child abuse now. Can you remember your last whippen?How do you control kids- timeout?Is that why kids are out of control because of time out? Time out of what? Does it change behavior? Does a good... more

Is RG3 overrated? Is he being paid too much money and is underperforming?Why it isnt his team as stated by Cousins. What do the fans want?Do the fans care about how we get there? Are the fans so concerned that its not... more

Is face book an addictions? Why so many request for coins and more time for various games on facebook? Does it appear that some people literally live on FaceBook?Why is it so attractive? Is facebook a playground for adults?Is... more

The Ray Rice case has provided a snapshot into the inner operations of the NFL. Should Roger Goodell be fired? Was the Ray Rice investigation mishandled from the beginning. Is Roger Goodell lying to save himself? Should the be a... more

Domestic violence is color blind and status blind? How bad is domestic violence? Is it underreported to the criminal justice system? Does the criminal justice treat professional athletics and celebrities different when it comes to domestic... more

It there a change in behavior towards you? Are they quietly talking on the phone in a whisper?Are they wearing new perfume that you have never seen them wear? Are they just trying to surprise you with something new? Have they... more

Why do people take glamour shots for face book? Are they just putting their best foot forward? Is it trying to impress their own little kingdoms? Do the cost out weight the benefits? What benefits are they looking for?Are they trying to send... more

Why should police use body cams? This is the best way to get the true story of events? Will the cause officers to be more professional in the demeanor and actions? Will the public feel safer? How does law enforcement benefit from the... more