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Did Sony Pictures cave in to the hackers? Whay about the freedom of speech and expression. Were they scared because they were hacked? Would they have done the same thing if someone buglarized the studio headquarters... more

Why do black men what white women. Is it because there hair is naturally long, no weaves ?Are white women nicer than black women? Do white women treat black men better than black women? Are white women more supportive than... more

There are many benefits to cells phones but also disadvantages. How have cell phones revoluntionzed society. Are we better connected than before.?hat physical conditons have cell phone use created? Are we addicted to our cell phones?... more

What is going on in America, Black man at the gas station, being stopped complies with officer to get his license, he does so and the officer shoots him, then shoots him with his hands up. Did the driver do anything to warrant getting... more

Will Hillary make a good president? The first female president- why not? She is smart, tough and the first man Bill can help guide her thorugh the thresholds of the office. Are we ready for our first female president? Yes why not she is... more

There is a new case coming to the NIH in Bethesda Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C. for treatment. Did you forget about it, well it has not forgot about us yet. In the last 21 days, Sierra Leone has reported 1,319 new cases of... more

A simple tweet can lead to a barge of allegations of sexual assault/ Thats what happened with Bill Cosby. Now 21 women have made the allegations. Its seem to get steam with a twitter tweet and a picture of Cosby asking people to make... more

Police body cams may tell a story but the product it produces didn't make a difference in the Eric Gardner case. We witnessed as a nation and world a man die on video right in front of over vary eyes and there is no indictment. Clearly... more

The killing of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner has turned into a movement of justice all across the world. Protests from Ferguson to California to London, New York, Washington D.C. Maryland. Boston, Portland and places in between. From... more