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Why should nurse Hickox be quarantined she is not infected? ok she was in the hot zone but show no symptoms so why go through a he 21 day self monitoring period ? Does this make you nervous.? There were health care workers who recently came from the hot zones standing behind President Obama at the White House this week and they were it quarantined? What messages is the government sending? Are you confused? Maybe you should be, there are too many ideas about what to do. Fear should not impede on one's constitutional rights to freedom.

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What does the possible resignation of the chief of police of Fergunson mean? Does this mean that there will not be an indictment of officer Darren Wilson? Are they trying to soften the blow by making some changes in the leadership of... more

Everyday you here about new possible cases, a five year old in New York, so far negative on ebola, another case in Miami, so far negative results, another case reported in Maryland, so far reports indicate negative results.There have been 9... more

Well its here now. What do we do since we are experiencing Ebola. Are you scared? What will you do to protect yourself? Why is there so much conflicting information about Ebola out there? Did you know that Ebola is nothing new, it... more

Why are there links from the Grand Jury Proceedings. Does not seem to be too secret after all. What is the purpose of the links. To soften the public because there may be no indictment. Are the protesters reacting-yes. Will there be rioting... more

Once again our Health System does not know how to manage a deadly infectious disease. Are you aware that SARS kills more people every year, around 25,000 in hospital setings, from patients , health care workers and vistors coming to the... more

Why should you be scared about Ebola? There are no known cures. Eric Duncan is dead because there were many mistakes when it came to his care. Nurses have been infected as a result of complete incompetence on part of the hospital,... more

Should you be scared when it comes to Ebola? How much do they really know about it? Now the strain has jumped from animals to humans? Is it airborne despite medical professionals saying it's not? Why has the medical crew caring... more

Why are there different standards of treatment for whites vs black? Does the medical field discriminate too? Why did Eric Duncan get experimental drugs 6 days later than immediate. Why didn't he get a blood transfusion from other who... more

There are many benefits to cells phones but also disadvantages. How have cell phones revoluntionzed society. Are we better connected than before.?hat physical conditons have cell phone use created? Are we addicted to our cell phones?... more

Why do black men what white women. Is it because there hair is naturally long, no weaves ?Are white women nicer than black women? Do white women treat black men better than black women? Are white women more supportive than... more