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Will a man rob God- Yes they will. How do you rob God and his house of his Money? No church meetings, no published budgets, always asking for money but building nothing. These are some of the tail tell signs of getting ripped off by... more

Pastor Larry Hentz brings a powerful message from the True Gospel Baptist Church 1106 W Street N.W Washington D. C. Come visit or listen to us every sunday on this station. You will be glad you did and you will be blessed, This... more

You have a moment of inspiration to share, a thought, a poem, a scripture, a true story we would like to hear from you on our next live broadcast scheduled for Friday 13, 2015 at 830 pm. This is a time for something postive, some great... more

Ferguson is still the hot bed of frustration, and tension since the Michael Brown killing. The Justice Department's reports clearly demonstrates how the government, police and courts, were using the power of the law to discriminate,... more

Well here we go again, another black teen, Tony Robinson, unarmed killed by a white police officer in Madison, Wisconsin. No videos just audio transmissions of the circumstances leading up to the shooting. Are white police officer scared... more

Need some inspiration in your life. work, family, problems got you down, you need a good shot of inspiration from Pastor Donald Smedley. A man of good giving you nothing but the truth. He's an inspiration so listen to him today from the Mount... more

Like we did not know that they did! Now there is empirical proof of racism against African Americans in Ferguson, Missouri. They harassed black folks to raise money in Ferguson. Regardless if they violated their constitutional rights. It was... more

Catholic priests are abusing young boys and girls, rabbi's are taping unsuspecting women during a religious bathing ritual, pastors are stealing church money. Where does it end. Seems like the real reason of church is lost in the glamour of the... more

Why not make it a sports, they should, nobody gets prosecuted theses days. Im sure if the did there would be plenty people around who would sign up to sport black men for sure. We just live in that kind of society, where there is no... more

Like we dont have enough problems now, there will be people high on pot getting on the metro, bus, cab where ever! Washngton D.C is already screwed up enough they cant get anything done, now they will be high getting nothing done. Let... more