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All companies have different ways of engaging their customers and employees. Join us as we discuss the best practices of building a better VOC/VOE program. Topics include: Survey Design and Implementation Data Mining Strategic Action Planning Gathering Data through Social Media Gaining insights through actionable data (its more than just a score!) Strategic and Tactical Action Planning Customer and Employee Feedback And more!!

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Come chat with us as we examine the up and coming VOC Professional Certification. We will outline what the training covers and also give you a code that you can use when registering to receive a discount. The next session... more

It's no secret that many companies use Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) as a metric to reward and punish employees. When we try to use Net Promoter (r) as a KPI does it help or hinder an employee's growth and success. Join us as we... more

Join us as we welcome Jennifer Beyer of Allegiance. Jennifer is currelty the Vice President of Best Practices at Allegiance. She has a diverse background supporting business-to-business and business-to-consumer market share growth... more

Join us as we welcome Shannon Gronemeyer, Founder and CEO of Customer Centered Strategies. Shannon has driven global customer operations executive with proven track record in operational analysis, strategic... more

Michael is a principal at Strativity Group, the leading consulting firm focused exclusively on customer experience management, the science and art of helping companies become more profitable by become more customer-centric. Michael... more

Next in our series from the VOC Fusion Event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Diane Magers is a Customer Experience Executive with Customer Experience Catalysts. Diane helps organizations identify and optimize their opportunities to... more

Join us as we welcome Kate Woodcock. Kate is the Director of Customer Experience Programs at VMware, Inc. VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. VMware boasts more than 500,000 customers and... more

Join us as we welcome Bob Hayes of Business over Broadway. Bob Hayes, PhD is the Chief Customer Officer of TCELab and president of Business Over Broadway. At TCELab, he is responsible for product management and customer... more

What exactly is Data Mining and why should you care? Join us as we chat with Allegiance VP of Product Al Nevarez. Al is an expert in the field of Data Mining and will help us understand how Data Mining works and how it can really "tell a... more
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