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Longtime fanfic author Allaine discusses "femslash", or sexual relationships between two women, in fan fiction, original fiction, websides, and films today. Initial episodes gave listeners the opportunity to discuss favorite pairings from individual fandoms Allaine wrote in for over nine years, while later episodes went on to feature other fandoms, interviews with other fanfic authors, discussion of facets of femslash in general, and the occasional Hollywood screenwriter.

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All right, so it lasted only thirteen episodes, nowhere near as long as Smallville, the show whose success on The WB helped spawn it. And maybe it wasn't the critics' favorite that year. And I suppose many of the main characters were just a... more

Even after being canceled a few years ago, Disney's Kim Possible continues to be one of the busiest and most popular fandoms in American animation today. A successful combination of action and comedy with a healthy dose of female... more

We'll be taking a trip back in time to one of the first, greatest canon lesbian pairings on network television - Willow/Tara from the WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It was all the way back during the 1999-2000 season when we first... more

In the first of a two-part series on unlikely femslash successes, we'll discuss Nikki & Nora, the biggest femslash TV pairing that was never on TV. Featuring two lead actresses as New Orleans police detectives who are partners in the bedroom... more

F4F's series on femslash in TV crime dramas continues with our look at the CBS drama NCIS, a spinoff of the successful legal drama JAG which has become a success in its own right with six full seasons, a seventh ready to go in the fall,... more

In the second half of our two-parter on unlikely successes, we'll be talking about the short-lived FOX police drama Fastlane. Lasting only a single season, Fastlane eventually resorted to a ratings gimmick at a time when other dramas - Buffy... more

I know, some of you hear "CSI: Miami" and think of David Caruso and how he hides the face of an eighty-year-old man behind those damn sunglasses. But others get a much more aesthetically pleasing image when they think of CSI:... more

In the second of a series on femslash in televised crime dramas, we'll be discussing the short-lived ABC drama Women's Murder Club, based on the popular novels by James Patterson. WMC was crippled by the writer's strike,... more

This week we move away from soap goddesses, comic book heroes, and terminators that look like teenage girls, and delve into a much happier place - serial killers and the people who hunt them. It can't be easy having a... more

Earlier this year I spoke with Harper in the first of an ongoing series of interviews with femslash fanfic authors who have written so many good stories, for so many pairings, for so long that we can't limit them to a single fandom. This time... more