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Let's Get Medieval - "Dragon Age" Femslash

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As a part of this busy stretch in September where F4F will air three live shows in just 16 days, tonight we will be revisiting the world of video games.  In the spring we discussed "Mass Effect", the successful Bioware trilogy which allows players to not only choose the gender of their character, but also have romantic relationships with various characters, including lesbian relationships with women like Liara T'Soni.  So it's quite appropriate that we switch focus to another successful pair of Bioware titles, the fantasy RPG "Dragon Age: Origins" and its followup "Dragon Age 2".  Much as in "Mass Effect", gamers can play as either a male or female character, and if you make the right decisions, you can potentially have a lesbian romance with Leliana in "DA:O", and either Isabela or Merrill in "DA2".  UNLIKE "Mass Effect", you can also select one of 6 different backgrounds for the main character in "DA:O", such as Human Noble or City Elf.  All of this adds up to a goldmine for "DA" fanfic writers, who have as many as FOURTEEN different femslash pairings to choose from between the two games.  And THAT'S just the canon pairings.  Noncanon femslash fanfics with Morrigan from "DA:O" are almost as prevalent as those with Leliana.  Tonight we'll have on 3 fanfic authors, all of whom have worked with different pairings in one or both "DA" games.  Sisirongana is known for her FCousland/Morrigan epic "A Series of Completely Unrelated Events".  Leogrl19 paired FHawke with both Merrill and Isabela in "Priority One" and "My Tornado".  And KalenCaelli wrote the angsty FTallis/Leliana fic "The Last Dance".  We'll be joined by cohost Rae D. Magdon, who like Sisirongana was a guest author for my "Mass Effect" interview.