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"Glee" Three - A Chat with Pezberry Authors

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In what has turned into an annual tradition on F4F Radio, we return to the world of “Glee” for the third time in three seasons.  Two years ago the main topic was “Faberry” – Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry.  Last year we focused on “Brittana” – Brittany S. Pierce/Santana Lopez.  This time around, we mix things up with a discussion of “Pezberry” – Rachel/Santana.  Oh sure, Brittana is canon, not to mention pretty adorable, while Faberry has been huge from almost Episode One.  But sooner or later, everyone likes an alternative, and Rachel and Santana certainly qualify.  Unlike Quinn, who for years has yoyo-ed between friendship and antagonism when it comes to Rachel, Santana has never exactly cozied up to Rachel.  In fact, Santana was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the “Troubletones” this season because Rachel seemed to get all the solos.  But as we’ve seen time and again here, overcoming hostility can be a perfect first step to a great pairing.  Tonight we’ll be speaking with two Pezberry authors – TheMemoriesFire, who wrote the 11-part series “Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed”, and TheDisassociation, author of angsty epics like “Life or Something Like It” and “I Wish I Could be Strong Without Somebody There”.  Joining me as cohost once again is writer Grdnofevrythng, who has been on my show to discuss everything from “Glee” to “Popular” to “The Devil Wears Prada”.