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Shared Story Worlds - the Creators of Tales of Ryh'na

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The theme for F4F Radio this month has been talking about the changing ways in which the Internet is allowing writers and filmmakers to create, as well as the ways in which fanfic authors are becoming something to encourage, not just put up with. Having first spent time discussing "transmedia storytelling" with guests Christin Mell and Bridget McManus, tonight we'll be looking at a similar phenomenon, the "Shared Story World" (SSW).  In an SSW, a detailed "canon" background is created for a brand-new universe.  Then the universe and background becomes public property, made available to anyone who wishes to use it for artistic expression - writing, art, video, etc.  One such SSW is the upcoming "Tales of Ryh'na" (TofR), a world which merges sci-fi and magic as space age colonists clash with the native population of a new planet.  Of course, since we're talking about TofR HERE, you can count on it being QUITE open to stories involving lesbian relationships.  If you needed further proof of that, consider the people behind this project, four of whom will be on the show.  Jojo Stratton is a SSW veteran who has written fan fiction for numerous lesbian pairings and was involved in the last two FemslashCons.  QH Fletcher was also an organizer of FemslashCon 2011, as well as the prominent writer of femslash Quiethearted for "Devil Wears Prada" and "Rizzoli & Isles".  Carson D. Fletcher is an award-winning writer in the Stargate SG-1 fandom who talked about her Sam/Janet stories on F4F in 2010.  And A. Sadie Timm, well, if I told you what her psuedonym was, you'd know you've been reading her femslash fanfic for years, and you might have even heard her on this show before.  My guests will tell us all about TofR, where it got started, and what their ambitions are for the project.