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Warehouse 13 - Lucky # for Authors Athena Mou & purrpickle?

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Having spent the last show discussing one of the biggest femslash fandoms on the Internet today, this week F4F dials it down a notch and looks at a smaller fandom for a hit show on a smaller network.  We’ll be talking about the original sci-fi drama “Warehouse 13”, which just began its 3rd season as the latest in a long line of high-rated and highly-regarded Syfy original series like “Battlestar Galactica”, and “Stargate: Atlantis” (also a topic on this show).  “Warehouse 13” deals with a top-secret facility that stores artifacts with fantastic and/or dangerous powers, and the agents tasked with the job of locating them.  Specifically we’ll focus on the subtextual pairing of Warehouse 13 agent Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and tragic heroine-turned-villainess Helena “H.G.” Wells (Jaime Murray).  Neither the fact that H.G. only appeared in one-half of Season 2, nor that she was a grief-maddened mother trapped in a century that wasn’t hers, nor that she tried to use the Minoan Trident to start a new Ice Age, seems to have prevented the Myka/Helena pairing from gaining a dedicated following in the femslash community.  Probably it didn’t hurt that Helena put an end to her suicidal quest for Armageddon because she couldn’t bring herself to kill Myka.  Or that apparently we haven't seen the last of H.G.  I’ll be joined by two authors – Athena Mou, who has probably written more Myka/Helena fanfic than anyone, including the “Changing of the Seasons” series, and purrpickle, author of fics like “Helena in Beautiful, Flowing Cursive”.  My cohost will be past guest and herself a Myka/Helena author, Erin Griffin.