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The Evolution of "Calzona" with BurningEden & Milk_and_Glass

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I have said that the summer of 2011 will be a season of "experimentation" for F4F Radio.  Now that we're in our third year, I want to take a few hesitant steps in different directions to see what flies and what falls flat.  In tonight's segment, we will not be discussing fan fiction per se, nor will we be discussing a brand-new fandom.  Instead F4F will backtrack to the summer of 2009 and one of the first interviews ever held here.  Thanks to the canon, but all-too-brief lesbian romance between Callie Torres and Erica Hahn on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy", the femslash fandom for that show had grown from "big" to "huge".  So one night I invited the authors Milk_and_Glass and BurningEden onto my show to discuss GA, as well as Shonda Rhimes' other medical drama, "Private Practice".  That interview became the most downloaded show in F4F history.  Tonight F4F returns to the scene of the crime to talk to Milk_and_Glass and BurningEden once more.  This time, however, instead of an interview I'm inviting them back to have a discussion about "Grey's" and the two years since our original talk.  We'll discuss the evolution of the Callie/Arizona ("Calzona") pairing, culminating in a wedding late last season, as well as any noncanon relationships that have caught people's attention.  We'll also talk once more about Callie/Erica, that pairing's viability in the fandom today, and if Calzona has taken its place in my guests' hearts.