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"Lebanese" - Brittana Authors Lynne Arlington & Losdosmos

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Last week F4F Radio embarked on its third season by revisiting the "Xena" fandom.  While I don't plan on making it a habit, we'll be doing it again tonight, returning to the hit FOX drama "Glee", which we first discussed in 2009.  At the time, "Glee" was already a monster hit, with an exploding femslash fandom.  After just 13 episodes, a lot of attention was focused on the young female leads, outcast Rachel and head Cheerio Quinn, and so naturally I concentrated on Rachel/Quinn with my three guests that night.  But we did spare some time to discuss an alternate pairing, one that linked the OTHER Cheerios to join with Quinn. While neither Santana nor Brittany had many lines in those first episodes, they were quickly fan favorites - partly because while dimwitted Brittany hardly ever spoke, when she opened her mouth classic one-liners were always the result.  And when that included a revelation in "Sectionals" that she and Santana were sleeping together, well, that was all it took.  Events in Season 2, particularly Santana realizing she was gay & in love with Brittany, only fueled the popularity of "Brittana".  Tonight we'll be talking to two experienced fanfic authors.  Lynne Arlington has written multiple stories, including the "nerd verse", the AU "Bad Things" verse, and the AU epic "Love is a Burning Thing".  And LosDosMos wrote fics like "Canteloupe Confessions" and "Power Play", not to mention her own AU, "What Is Done In the Dark".  We'll be joined by my cohost Grdnofevrythng, who was one of my guests during the FIRST Glee show, and who has helped me with past segments like "Popular" and "The Devil Wears Prada".