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The Power to Revolutionize Radio - Utena Authors Sean Gaffney & Alan Harnum, w/ cohost TempestDash

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Femslash4Fans Radio continues its look at anime and manga in September with a specific look at one of yuri's oldest and largest fandoms. Revolutionary Girl Utena, which first aired in Japan in 1997 and reached American shores a couple years later, is the tale of Utena Tenjou, a tomboyish high school student who accidentally finds herself mixed up in a bizarre society of duellists, all competing for "ownership" of Anthy Himemiya, the so-called "Rose Bride" thought to be key to the "Power to Revolutionize the World". Whether you were experiencing the series, the movie, or the manga, Revolutionary Girl Utena was at turns existential, allegorical, and just plain weird - what the hell were those shadow girls anyway? There were also more than enough opportunities for fans of lesbian storylines to see the romantic possibilities between Utena and Anthy, not to mention perhaps a secondary pairing with Juri Arisugawa and Shiori Takatsuki. We'll speak with two authors who dealt with such possibilities - Sean Gaffney, who wrote several stories including the "Release/Deep/In Hiding" trilogy, and Alan Harnum, author of the unfinished epic "Jaquemart". Joining me will be my co-host TempestDash, a one-time guest on my "Kim Possible" show and a past fanfic author in fandoms like "Sailor Moon" and "Bubblegum Crisis".