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Alba Voce with David Baillie

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Tonight I welcome Caius Marcus Ideus back to round out our discussion on the idea of Secessionism and propose instead a rebuilding of White Culture and Civilization. Aren't the very ideas of individualism and tribal ethnic chauvanism WITHIN the White Race the very reasons that we have been so easily manipulated by a hostile outside influence to war amongst ourselves, thereby leaving us all weakened and exposed to invasion by the other races? Today, most of our people eagerly accept multiculturalism and multiracialism, while in the days of our ancestors they fought to insure that the lands they inhabited remained in their possession so that they could begat more of thier own kind. Blood and soil. What Hitler called IDEALISM in Mein Kampf must be once again encapsulated in racial pride and culture. It is NOT a crime to be a bigot, the White race has earned the right above all others to have pride about its achievements, what it now needs is the WILL to survive. The Will to Power.


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