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March 6, 2015 A Conversation with Harold Covington Harold Covington is a 40- year veteran of the White Nationalist struggle. While he may be controversial, he remains a prolific writer and is engaged in REAL activism and I pursuing a REAL plan toward the development of a White Ethno State in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Covington's commentary on the need for character in our Movement is very important. Listen to Mr. Covington and Radio Free Northwest here on ANN Thursdays at 6PM ET Topics of the conversation: Who is Harold Covington and what brought him into the White Nationalist cause? What is the Northwest Front AKA the Butler Plan? How does Mr. Covington see the U.S, breaking up? Some of the Greats in the Movement, Pastor Bob Miles, Dr. William Pierce, etc. Cultural degeneracy in White Nationalism – Homosexuality, Pedophilia, , etc. Do some join White Nationalism for the wrong reasons? Visit the Northwest Front: WWW.NORTHWESTFRONT.ORG Visit the ANA & ANN: WWW.ANA-ANN.COM TWITTER @annradio COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The American Nationalist Network (ANN), supports the use and availability of its programs for the general public under the ?fair use? portion of Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. We require only that the content is clearly notated as being produced by and for the American Nationalist Network (ANN). Changing of its material in any fashion, whether audio or graphic, is prohibited.
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