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The great boxing match between Paul and the Jerusalem church
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Completion of the "Saint" Paul discussion

Part 2 of the "Saint" Paul discussion

Jim and Joe Rizoli discuss the latest happenings on the world scene and will talk about the Frontline movie Memory of the Camps another failed attempt to get history right on the Holocaust topic.

April 15, 2015 Susan Yarbrough, wife of Order hero and ZOG POW Gary Yarbrough, is your Host for this very important Show which examines White Ethno Nationalism from our Women's perspective. Each week Susan looks at various... more

The no-so-saintly "Saint" Paul

April 16, 2015 This week: HAC talks about the Iran nuke deal, Gretchen about the Hitler Salute, the Trucker speaks as he rolls on down the road, then an excerpt from the latest Mike Harris radio show with HAC as guest. "If we had a... more

The Chrestus / Christos connection

Operation Jade Helm and the Blood Moons: exposing the Jew world order's plans for military occupation of America.

One of Thy Brethren Today we'll talk about the state of our racial nation and why it is we allow ourselves to sink to such a low estate as well live in today.

Part 2 of the Rockefeller discussion