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Align Shine Prosper is leaving Blog Talk Radio. Thank you for listening to our programs, and please download recorded programs that are meaningful to you before Aug 04, 2014. This tract of humanity is gifted the RAREST of opportunities to step up the spiral of evolution and begin anew through expanded awareness, reclaiming our birth right to live free, healthy, and happy in a peaceful and coherent new world cycle. If ever there was a time for humans to mature and cooperate before the 'shift hits the fans' it is now. Let's help one another become the best we can be. With thanks, Doreen Agostino. To learn more subscribe free: BLOG VIDEOS [expansion underway] and TWITTER

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08.13 Kevin Annett and ITCCS plan a "comprehensive campaign to de-secularize" the Vatican. Annett's courage led to investigation of genocide and crimes against humanity by church and state, who... more

Heart Math Institute is a leader in scientific research, and measuring the electromagnetic field we all live in. Their findings make it possible to access heart intelligence, and collectively change our trajectory from one of destruction to one... more

Cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan unveils the deeper meaning of these tumultuous times, how and why the universe is as it is, our collective hidden heritage, and our cosmic destiny. HOPE - Heal Our People and Earth - is our theme and title of... more

Deep transformation is sweeping our planet, along with breakthrough scientific new awareness, and scientific consensus on a different reality. Nancy Ellen Abrams reveals our true ORIGIN, and the power of our 'future shaping choices'... more

Jim Self explains the magnitude of change during a natural shift that is altering all matter including our human bodies. Listen now to empower your body mind heart intelligent true Self. Gain insight into the higher dimensions, access simple tools... more

The word chakra in Sanskrit [oldest known language] means wheel or disc. Chakras are sacred centers of energy or spiritual Light. This program identifies 7 chakras that line our spinal column, specific organs they govern in our body, and... more

Andrew Kohl learned to heal the hard way, and transformed lemons into lemonade. Knowledgeable and experienced, Andrew works with people willing to heal themselves with most ease. Listen now for a tune up. Aligned with... more

Apocalypse means REVEAL that which is hidden. As systems serving few at the expense of many de-stabilize life on Earth listen now to examine negative headlines from a scientific perspective; benefits of engaging negativity true and... more

Former Missile Defense Consultant Dr. Carol Rosin co-authored the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty with distinguished others identified during our program, reveals a plan to weaponize space for the purpose of world... more

Dr. Franca Baroni is a leading edge philosopher, writer, and speaker, devoted to a world transformed through heart intelligence. Her book 'On Governance' The Evolution of Res Publica connects Universal Law, natural law, and practical... more
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