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Tune in to Align Shine Prosper radio for best possible solutions as host Doreen Agostino interviews modern scientists, physicists, cosmologists, doctors, attorneys, award winning authors, world activists, and other people of good conscience, to raise awareness based on higher physics of creation, evolutionary principles, and evidence, of a rare and natural world age shift we are passing through. Tune in, tune up, and step up, into who and what you truly are, through freewill Power to transform adversity into best possible solutions, dignity, well-being, sovereignty, and prosperity. To empower a greater destiny, click the social icons to forward our programs. Align-Shine-Prosper is also on iTunes. All programs display EDT. Check shows for date and broadcast time. For your time zone copy and paste

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Indigenous people and activists of good conscience have long raised awareness of 2012, Shift of The Ages, Revelations; the end of extreme deception, economic manipulation, brutalization of natural resources, human enslavement, and the... more
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The time of purification foretold as 2012 is now, and we are the ones, to prevent further crimes against humanity, other life forms, and our home planet. Listen now to UNDERSTAND WHY COLLECTIVELY WE ARE THE BEST POSSIBLE... more

WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? HOW FAR WILL YOU GO? Timely questions to ask ourselves at this juncture, and close of a world age cycle. Life is about perspective, and Heather Shreve's book, 'Caught On the Equator'... more

Nursery rhymes for the 21st century, the Scribble and Grin collection goes beyond fun. It was created for two very important reasons, to INSPIRE and ENTERTAIN.A healthy mix of inspiration, insight, and necessary nonsense, Scribble & Grin... more

Lead researcher Dane Wigington reveals hard data on stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering, methane expulsion, ozone depletion, rising sea levels, artificial/chemical ice nucleation, plankton die off, drought, deluge, temperature... more

Guests Paul Padgett and Diana Nardelli are musicians, and activists, who understand this battle. Dedicated to a coherent new world, and the collective good, they research, and keep apprised of world issues that require everyone's... more

During overlap between the close of this world age cycle and a new one coming toward us a.k.a. 2012, a Chaotic Node is poised to accelerate social unrest, climatic and geological changes. It is our individual psychological and emotional... more

08.13 Kevin Annett and ITCCS plan a "comprehensive campaign to de-secularize" the Vatican. Annett's courage led to investigation of genocide and crimes against humanity by church and state, who... more

Heart Math Institute is a leader in scientific research, and measuring the electromagnetic field we all live in. Their findings make it possible to access heart intelligence, and collectively change our trajectory from one of destruction to one... more

L. Ron Gardner wrote 'Beyond the Power of Now', characterizing the rapid pace of change upon us now. Listen to understand the complexities of being in a human body that is limited by deception, empowered by invisible heart... more

Cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan unveils the deeper meaning of these tumultuous times, how and why the universe is as it is, our collective hidden heritage, and our cosmic destiny. HOPE - Heal Our People and Earth - is our theme and title of... more
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