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Align Shine Prosper

Align Shine Prosper

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During overlap between the close of this world age cycle and a new one coming toward us a.k.a. 2012, a Chaotic Node is poised to accelerate social unrest, climatic and geological changes. It is our individual psychological and emotional levels that may be most affected, due to unresolved issues, and deep-seated hostilities in the subconscious. Listen now to acknowledge reality, before infusing yourself with Light, and life enhancing energy, because it will require great fortitude and personal energy to work through this particular Chaotic Node, and others in the future. 
Our radio program pulls together a paradigm shift in reality on a personal, collective, planetary, and cosmic level of Consciousness. A war is going on that we are here to win. A silent war waged against humanity decades ago by mis-guided beings, summarized in the Iron Mountain Report, and greatly expanded here. Listen now to understand the big picture, and re-define POSSIBLE. 
Received day after this program The dark age of control is coming to an end and Light is illuminating all that is corrupt.
World shift updates from 2 sides of 1 Consciousness
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