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Al Garcia

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I am old school, but my best times were during the holidays. Family get togethers, the cooking mom did and sisters helping out. Cousins coming over and showing off each others gifts to each other.

What have you done to educate yourselef and your family about the dangers from other nations besides other Arab Nations. Our beautiful nation and our beatuiful people don't take to kindly to other nations trying to invade our soil, so "America... more

Tune in on Saturday April 23, 2016 at 11:00 am CST What is a virus, the origins of viruses are unclear, some may have envolved from plasmids-pieces of DNA that can move between cells- while others may have evolved from... more

With ISIS taking the head lines in the news, have you been keeping up on the actions that China, Russia and North Korea. These countries have more of a dangerous outcome that ISIS. How does the US and other nations respond to... more

Things are happing so fast, we need to sit back and look at the events as they are or can turn out to be! International events that are effecting the USA, China on the Market, North Korea claims about having a Hydrogen Bomb, Iraq and... more

Over the years families have started a new family tradition or continue the old. Let's here and talk about the traditions you have or started or don't want!

With many fears from those who want to harm Americans and the different wars going on, how are we making this a safer place for our children? Just a week ago there was a mass shooting in San Bernidino, CA. The husband and wife did the... more

America was once a Powerful Country, but lately our military forces have been slowly reduced and having to respond to other hot spots. The brains behind this is a not a military mind but of a politician! Vienam shoud have taught the... more

It does not matter who is running for President, they all have one thing in common..how will they benefit in the rewards! Americans seek for help in our own country, and all politicians feed off our needs and wants to satify thier own... more

Ms Tena Olson will give us information on what we need to know and understand why the Veterans are used as Pawns by our politicians. The VA Hospital will layoff and shut down some facilities. 1/3 of Veterans die before they are giving... more