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Tuner in and let's have your Thoughts come to life How do you handle your(s) families life, stern, easy going or just don't care! America is now speeding through life, how are we having time to show our children right from wrong.... more

Price on fule and food and other products are dropping and going up, what does this mean? Jobs are being cut, and oil is going down. Who is the winner on this.....?

Horses and Heroes: Suicide shouldn't be an option. My guest will be Theresa Chaze who is Chief Executive Officer of Cosmos Production ( REad more... more

We as Americans have this feeling that our Veterans are taken care of as the leave the military, not so true! How do you know your voting for the right person, think about that one! Current events going on around the world and in the USA.

Ebola virus disease (EVD) usually begin suddenly with an influenza-like stage characterized by fatigue, fever, headaches, and pain in the joints, muscles, and abdomen. Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) is an alphavirus; other... more

Autism is a "spectrum disorder," meaning you can be a little autistic or very autistic. Until May, 2013, there were five "official" autism spectrum diagnoses,but the diagnoses within the autism spectrum weren't clearly named, nor were the... more

While on deployment to Ramadi, Iraq in 2004-2005, she served as a member of "Team Lioness," the first female team that was attached to Marine infantry units to perform checkpoint operations, house raids, and personnel searches on Iraqi... more

If this doesn't send a chill down your spine, then nothing will. Houston, Tx - Houston police officers confronted and arrested a suspected terrorist who was wearing body armor with the ISIS insignia embroidered on it on September 5th.... more

Ever wonder what your veteran thinks about before they decide to get out of the military, what plans and goals they have set for themselves. I will be talking to several about their fears when they first thought about doing such an adventure.... more

Veteran who is getting ready into turning his book into a feature film, soon! Mark is a veteran from Korea and has conducted various patrols on the DMZ... more