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On the ACE Network, Alex Cardinale Brings his 3 years of Radio and Podcasting experience to you in a fun and exciting way! The ACE Network will broadcast 7 days a week and will feature the Aquatic Wetline, Alex Cardinale Show and Cooking with Alex Cardinale! You will learn about the fish hobby, cooking, and have fun with the talk show!

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It's Saturday and that means it's time for our Saturday Night Main Event on ACE Network! Each and every Saturday Alex and Jeff will provide you with some entertainment provided by 2 mid 20 year olds who love having fun on the ACE Network! We gurantee you this will be an awesome show and you will love it! Saturday Night Main Event will feature some awesome segments that you will all love! On this episode of Saturday Night Main Event, Alex and Jeff will be doing their 5 minutes of Fame, Weekly WWE review, Movie Trivia Time, Saturday Night Spotlight and on this week's Saturday Night Spotlight we will be talking about Facebook and Twitter, then we will have pranks and some comedy for you! Our first guest for Saturday Night Main Event will be Mr. Andrew Senski! Andrew will be discussing Reptiles, his new network Dakota Network, and more! Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to have your own 5 mins of fame or join the awesome show!
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On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline on ACE Network, your hosts Aqua Alex and Fish Man Jeff will be talking about a fish that we both keep. Alex and Jeff have recently shown interest in Clown Knifes and we will be discussing them for... more

On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline LIVE on ACE Network, Aqua Alex and Fish Man Jeff will be doing their first Fish Keeper's United LIVE on the ACE Network! We have had some wonderful fish keeper''s on Fish keeper's United and this... more

Welcome to Saturday Night LIVE! on the ACE Network with your hosts, Alex Cardinale from Springfield MA, and Jeff from Oregon. Saturday Night LIVE will bring some fun to the ACE Network each and every Saturday! Saturday Night... more

Every Friday on the A.C.E. Network, Alex Cardinale is honored and proud to welcome a man who made the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show popular to the show as a host. A.C.F. Certified Chef George Norrell will be on the ACE... more

On this episode of The Alex Cardinale Show on A.C.E., Alex Cardinale will be discussing what he believes to be wrong with the world today. The world is always changing, but is the world changing for the better or for the worst? Alex will be... more

On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline brought to you by Hikari Sales USA LIVE on the ACE Network, Oscar Alex and the Aquatic Wetline will be doing their 7th episode of Life in the Amazon!!! We have covered the reptiles, piranhas, pacus,... more

On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show here LIVE on the ACE Network, Alex welcomes his first guest on the Alex Cardinale Show. Alex welcomes the lovely Renee Sulo Burkey to the show! Renee is a fabulous talker and she will bring... more

On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show and WWE Hour on the ACE Network, your hosts of the WWE hour, Alex Cardinale, Rhys Gooding, and Slashmaster1989 Jeff will be reviewing and recapping Wrestlemania 31! This... more

3 WWE lovers will host this awesome series on the ACE Network! Your host Alex Cardinale and his friends Jeff and Rhys (pronounced Reese) will be discussing anything and everything Wrestling here on the ACE network! Alex and Jeff live in... more