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Unions, Does Boycotting Work, New Industrial Revolution

  • Broadcast in Current Events
Alexandrea Merrell

Alexandrea Merrell


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Unions: Once the savior of the working man, Unions have become one of the biggest factors in the mass evacuation in jobs from the US to foreign countries.

It isn't because companies don't want to pay fair wages, but rather because companies cant afford to pay the wages and benefits of union workers who average $11,000 more per year per employee, 28% more paid leave time, and thousands more per month in benefits than non-union workers.

Huge kick backs, forced membership (and dues) to get a job in many states, and overt political goals have moved Unions from a force to protect workers to one whose clear intention is the socialization of America.

Tonight we look at the Unions, why they came into existence and what they've become. 


We will also look at boycotting. After Hoffa's call to members to "take out" the GOP a campaign was launched to boycott union made products. But are such actions effective? How can America rid itself of unions without returning to a time when they were necessary?


And finally, politicians on both sides of the isle claim that they can get companies back onto American soil. But is this realistic? Tobacco companies for example, the whipping boy of regulations for almost 50 years have found huge, largely unregulated markets in 3rd world countries and developing nations. No matter what we do in the US, they have no financial incentive to return. I

Is the answer to create a new industrial revolution in the US instead of looking for companies who were forced to find success elsewhere to return?