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Wisconsin Recall - Small Government - Is College Necessary

  • Broadcast in Current Events
Alexandrea Merrell

Alexandrea Merrell


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The Wisconsin Recall - When Dems fled Wisconsin to avoid a vote, conservatives cried foul and ralied to start a recall movement. But with one of the most highly publicized efforts being little more than a donation scam and the media focusing their attention on Democrat groups fight to recall Republicans, what's really happening with the recall and is it too late to fix the damage done? Is the recall a new trend in politics?

Is Small Government Possible? Conservatives demand a small government. But with historic numbers of people working for the government, the Fed's grab into businesses which drives small businesses out of the market, and massive debt, is small government even possible at this point and if so....how?

For the past fifty years, a college degree has been touted as the only path to success. The "liberal arts degree," once the pathway for the rich to become "well rounded" has become a very expensive millstone around the neck of young adults who find it almost worthless in the job market. In the meantime, by making "the trades" the relegation of the unambitious or those unable to get into college, the US has imported millions of illegals into the country to do the manual labor. Tonight we look at college, is it neccessary? Is forcing more and more people into University and lowering the entrance standards to accomidate just about anyone, dumbing down our country and making us less competitive in the world economy?