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A open chat with Alan Levy and David Kim, Director of CS

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Alan Levy

Alan Levy


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David Kim, Director of Customer Support was my guest to discuss the most recent upgrades and changes to the BlogTalkRadio platform. We welcome your input and look forward to your questions and comments.


0:07 Alan Levy

Well, my intro I guess did not hit so let me hold on. Let me get my intro to go here. (Intro)

0:29 Alan Levy

Thank you everyone. Good afternoon! I'm really excited to be here. This is Alan Levy, the co-founder and CEO of Blog Talk Radio and you're listening to The Alan Levy Show live, 2 p.m. Today is Tuesday, and I was actually -- the intro was not set to auto so sorry about that, so I had to play it on, play in on the fly. Well, thank you all for joining me on the show. We wanted to have a kind of an open air conversation, open chat today and we reach out to our community and I love to take your calls later on the show and I'll give you the call-in number. And I'm joined by two individuals. Cherry is manning the switch board in the studio today. How are you, Cherry? She is maybe on mute now.

1:21 Cherry

I'm great, thanks Alan.

1:23 Alan Levy

Wonderful. Well, Cherry's great. A lot of hosts are familiar with Cherry. She is one of the great members of our team, a customer support team, and David Kim who is director of customer support is on here as well. How are you, David?

1:40 David Kim

I'm doing fine. How's it going, Alan?

1:42 Alan Levy

Great! Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you. So I thought what we would do today is kind of take the opportunity to talk about a lot of the new things or happening on Blog Talk Radio. It's very exciting time here. We just launched this new studio which is going to be innovated now and I think will be fully launched on Monday if I'm not mistaken, and I thought we can spend some time going through that. And also want to talk about what else is happening on the network. There's a lot of stuff going on, a lot of stuff in terms of design. There is just a lot of excitement around the continent that's happening and we have a very big announcement. We're getting on it tomorrow and I'm kind of give you a little preview, not going to give you all the details but want to talk about that. And so we're going to take calls today in the show. That's the objective. We want to hear from you to host to all the listeners. The only caution is just be nice. We just want you to be nice, right David?

2:41 David Kim

(Laughs) There you go.

2:42 Alan Levy

No throwing tomatoes through the radio platform but just be very nice. And the call-in number if anyone would like to call with a question or with David, again David is a director of customer support, or me and this is the CEO and co-founder of Blog Talk Radio is (347) 677-0649. That's (347) 677-0649. You'll come in to the studio, Cherry will screen your call and kind of talk to you and find out what your question is and hopefully and we'd like to get as many calls as we can during this time. With that, why don'' -- David is telling me how he is it going and when did you join Blog Talk Radio?

3:32 David Kim

I started about eight weeks ago with Blog Talk Radio and time has flown by so it must be true, time flies when you're having fun.

3:46 Alan Levy

And you've been -- you've got a lot of...just tell us, tell everyone about a little bit about your experience and you have some interesting experience, you are clear channel forbid and you are with some other companies but just very briefly, what did you experience that you kind of before you got the Blog Talk?

4:05 David Kim

Yeah, so most recently, I was with the Clear Channel. They've got something like 7 or 800 stations across the domestic US. They've also got an online presence. And before then, I was with streaming audio, streaming video companies and basically, a lot of other technology and in software as a service companies and I'd been in both startup environment as well as more be to be or enterprise level corporate customers. So it's ranged through a broad spectrum of customers as well as support roles.

4:59 Alan Levy

Well, sounds great and if you really have to reflect background and experience for the role that you have today as director of customer support, we certainly -- this is an interesting platform to say the least and it really combines a lot of the things you've seen in your day, telecommunication, streaming media, content, business solutions. So what has been your impression of the community and what you've seen here on Blog Talk Radio since you started?

5:31 David Kim

Yeah. When I first came on, I was literally amazed by how some technologies were married together. I mean telecommunications, online, radio, podcasting, I mean those things just don't...

5:51 Alan Levy

So show.

5:52 David Kim

So show, the talk radio aspect, those things normally don't come together so it was amazing to see how the platform can actually put those things together and then make them work and really do a good job about it. When I came on, I immediately saw that the community of hosts and listeners are just really enthusiastic, their great stance and enthusiast. I always heard and even saw word like love and they're so appreciative of the platform giving them the opportunity to voice their passion, whatever it is, their hobbies, their businesses, anything to promote and endorse. What they're really passionate about so we love the community and then we want to do everything that we can to further their interest and what they're really going after.

7:08 Alan Levy

It's perfect and that's well said, and we really just started to scratch the surface in terms of what your organization can do here at Blog Talk Radio and I want to briefly describe what's happening on the rest of the Blog Talk Radio, the development team, the product team and just the overall -- we just scale the entire platform and really excited about it. So those of you that are familiar with the story of Blog Talk Radio, I'll just briefly tell it. We launched Blog Talk Radio around four years ago, five years ago on September actually. I created Blog Talk Radio with Bob Charish who is now the COO and we were to talk indications of business and I created a blog for my dad who had cancer and that blog gave me the idea to merge the phone network with the web which enabling bloggers or really anyone to host their own talk show using phones. And so as David mentioned, we merged the phone network with the social web and created, you know, use the phone as a publishing platform which is a very powerful technology and it's very within the Blog Talk Radio, this media property that exist today. Since we launched the platform, we've hosted close to 2 million episodes on Blog Talk Radio. We host on an average day of roughly 15,000 as day, about 2000 hours of contents created so it's just an enormous amount of content, and are hosts, we have thousands of hosts that are doing radio shows and many of the hosts have been here for years. Give you one example. There was the show on Sunday night that was hosted by Movie Geeks United. David, you're familiar with them, I'm sure. Right, they are a pretty big show here. But these two gentlemen, they live in Florida. They're in the healthcare field and they love movies and three years ago they started a show on Blog Talk Radio, Sunday nights, and they have had the most incredible guests on there show.

9:14 Alan Levy

Everyone from Mornings with Stacy to Brian de Palma and so on, and this past Sunday night they had Barry Manilow and it's just incredible. And I think when we talk about this empowerment and enabling these individuals and anyone really to have their platform, create their own radio shows which are seen at Scala Theater. So it's very exciting. This is very exciting times. Again, we're going to take calls during this broadcast and please call (347) 677-0649. What I wanted to do within the highlight of this show is the studio that we launched and it's really an amazing thing. We're really excited by it. David, where is...is it live yet or how does it work? Or is it beta? Just maybe you can briefly describe studio.

10:10 David Kim

Right. So with the studio launch, with the beta launch, we did accompany it with a landing page on our website and that's the starting point where you can find informative screen casts FA cues to really get you going and then get you familiarized with the new studio interface. For the users who are familiar with the switchboard, I think the transition is going to be very smooth but for those who need a little bit of a helping hand, we've got a landing page with all the information that can help them belong and I am going to post that into the chartroom right now.

11:02 Alan Levy

Wonderful. So what the objective of the studio, I mean the overall objective of Blog Talk Radio is to essentially create a radio environment, a talk radio environment in the web browser. Radio, traditionally, as everyone knows is in a studio and it's dominated by the majors, Clear Channel and CBS and Citadel. What we wanted to do is create an environment where anyone can go to our radio show and in order to do that, you need to have a studio or switchboard that you can manage callers and right now we have for example a few callers on the studio and we're screening those callers. Cherry is screening them and letting us know who is on and so on and these callers will be brought on air in due course. We had a first generation of the studio -- of the switchboard that lasted about four years really and it was the first, the kind of vision of this and now we really got moving to the next level and part of if, a big part of it is has to deal with the organization today as Blog Talk Radio. Dan Kashman is the president now of Blog Talk Radio. He joined around nine months ago. He has done a terrific job and he's assembling a world class team throughout the company to compliment the existing manners that are here and some of the key resources that we hired was Brian Benitez of VP Products, Brian McConnell who is head of design, and Brian O'Brian who have worked with our distinct resources and development, from blocking and making and marketing and so on to come up with this beautiful studio and I really, I have shown the studio around at talk radio convention by showing it to many others and give what is blown away by this. And they just kind of try to get their kind of arms around it and here it is today. We're live. So we thought we would go through some of the features and functionality of the studio.

13:02 Alan Levy

And as well as take some callers, and we have a couple of calls. Why don't we take one from Perry, 860. Perry, you're on Blog Talk Radio. Well, Cherry, why don't you put Perry on.

13:21 David Kim

Perry on.

13:24 Alan Levy

Dave, by the way, while Perry if she wants to come on unless she's just posting a question in the chat room. Cherry, does she want to speak?

13:37 David Kim


13:38 Alan Levy

Okay. [Crosstalk] Yeah, go ahead.

13:42 David Kim

Yeah. I think Perry was just in the screening room with Cherry so they might be on mid-conversation.

13:48 Alan Levy


13:49 David Kim

Yeah. I just wanted to follow up on a point you made before. The community of hosts in the genres that we have on our platform is so broad that it's just amazing how much content and how broad the content is across so many genres and it's really unmatched in the space that we're in. So I think that's really a testament to the caliber of people, the hosts that join the Blog Talk Radio platform, and the network of listeners and followers, etc., that participate across the network.

14:37 Alan Levy

What type of things do you...what kind of shows that interested you? What are you seeing? I mean again, you've only been here for two months but maybe you can just give some examples of the diversity or the type of shows that you're saying and the type of content that's being created here.

14:56 David Kim

Yeah. So first and foremost, I'm a technology guy and I will share a story with you. When I first came on, I noticed that one of the websites that I've been following for more than a year happen to have a show on Blog Talk Radio. It happens to be in the android community because I'm an android fanatic and when I saw that, I realized the reach that the platform has and I was just delighted. I had been following this website for so long and then when I noticed that they had a show on Blog Talk Radio, I was delighted and I think that's just an example of how broad the reach is and how really so many, so many genres and so many people can just really participate in the conversation.

16:10 Alan Levy

Yeah. So what was the website about the android? I have a couple of shows on the network. Which was the show you're referring to?

16:18 David Kim

This one is Phandroid. It starts with a ph.

16:24 Alan Levy

Okay, Phandroid?

16:26 David Kim

So it's Phandroid yup, hmm, yup yup yup.

16:28 Alan Levy

Yeah. And more and more, I'd spoken to Talkers Convention two weeks ago and I was there three years ago and somewhat of the pre-eminent talk radio conventions out there and I asked at that time three years ago if anyone heard of Blog Talk Radio and really no one in the audience, there's been 200 people in the audience, answered, raised their hands, and now I asked the same question and sure enough, we got a lot of...most of the audience raised their hands. There's been quite of a broad reach of the network. So why don't you talk about a little while we wait on some of the callers to come on, why don'' you talk about a little of the functionality that we've had that has a switchboard compared to the studio.

17:19 David Kim

Yeah. So the studio interface I think it's just a very sleek piece of work that we put out. Its design were intended for as a central place for our hosts to come to and really have all the information that they need and also the management capabilities for their shows and also all the things around it such as audio files and a little sound clips, you got the social network promotion, all the information that you needed is on the studio interface so it's just a great place to go to and be able to manage and run the show from one place. It's a very powerful tool, it's well built, it's really sleek and not to put down the old switchboard but it's a great improvement and it's saying thumbs up, a lot of great feedback from all the folks that are trying it out.

18:31 Alan Levy


18:33 David Kim

So I think we're really on to something.

18:35 Alan Levy

I do, too. We're not going to get into small details here. But we have Perry on 860. Perry, how are you?

18:42 Perry

Hi, guys. How are you doing today?

18:43 Alan Levy

Good, good. Thank you. So Perry, where are you from?

18:47 Perry

I'm from Connecticut.

18:49 Alan Levy

Okay, excellent. And let's hear from Go Media.

18:52 Perry


18:53 Alan Levy

What's Go Media?

18:55 Perry

Well, basically it's a variety of topics and I pick the name because the theme is just being you know, theme like a radio show kind of names so I pick something that might be of a good fit for the show.

19:12 Alan Levy

Sounds good. And so what's your question?

19:15 Perry

Okay. I have a couple of questions. I definitely, I love Blog Talk Radio and everything about it. I really am trying to get, well, since I'm trying to get high quality guests on the show, I'm just wondering if the show people would like their host to have like a domain name for people who want to up the any with their show and also maybe in the future people want to love the shows and they want to support it, maybe have a donation or membership button. Because I definitely, I love my show but I do have a book that I would love to promote and guest that I love to invite and if I have like a domain name that could really help my business in the radio show to go even further so I just want to ask those two questions.

20:24 Alan Levy

Well, thank you. I appreciate that. So let me just try to get into some of these. When you say domain name, I mean, right now you have your own website. Do you embed the player on your site so that the archive of the show is embedded there?

20:39 Perry

Oh. I don't have a website right now. I just have the Blog Talk Radio so, yeah.

20:47 Alan Levy

): I see. So you're using the Blog Talk Radio basically as the platform whether your promoting your show. So you have, so people could find your show at blogtalkradio.com/gomedia?

20:59 Perry

Yeah, go media 1, yup.

21:01 Alan Levy

Go media 1, okay. So I guess you have a Facebook page and you've got Twitter. Are you integrated into those social tools as well?

21:12 Perry

I have a Facebook page. My book is called Never Judge Life by Its Cover. So if people can...

21:18 Alan Levy

That's a great name.

21:20 Perry

Oh thank you.

21:21 Alan Levy

That's a great name, yeah. Okay.

21:23 Perry

Yeah. So there's a Facebook page for that.

21:26 Alan Levy

Right, okay. And there you can embed the show page, your Go Media show. You could also create a page on Blog Talk Radio which is the title of your book, right? I mean you could do your show from that page and therefore it's all tied together but assuming Go Media is fine, Go Media 1 or again using your show, the book name. Now, I'm not sure, I don't really understand. I mean, look, I guess the point is that a donation or sponsor the show kind of a thing. It's that what you're looking for?

22:01 Perry

Well, I know that you guys have some sponsors with the shows post that are doing good. I know like I kind, I don't know, I just want, not me, but there's a couple other hosts that would like to make the show a little bit more successful when they have well-known guests and so I guess like if maybe in the future like a good donation button where people can donate or something. Like I know a couple of people that host Blog Talk Radio where they have a separate site and they have people to donate to support their show so they can take the radio show to the next level.

22:53 Alan Levy


22:53 Perry

And actually interview or travel and that's what I also want to do. I want to travel and interview people and go around the country and do different topics and I really want to be like a news reporter kind of a host so any help with the host they want to take it to the next level would be really, really great. I mean it would be really great.

23:21 Alan Levy

Well, again, I think as you said, a lot of the hosts are using this as you know. There are many authors, I mean there are thousands of authors on Blog Talk Radio and they did of course have, they do have their own, they have their own website. They haven't done donate buttons there. I mean we really don't have a donate concept here. I think down the road, maybe there are certain things we can do like sponsor the show kind of button in. Our issue is we have such a volume of hosts and we host -- we have about 10,000 or 12,000 hosts that host a show every month. So managing the volume there when you have specific inquiries, it's just very difficult. So we have different premium programs that hosts can use and some of them and some of the hosts at are, at certain levels they put their own adds on the pages and really have a sponsor to sponsor those radio shows. The other point that you made was the book. I know that in the past, we did have a provision to put an Amazon book jacket or some other sort and with the new design. We recently redesigned the profile pages and the episode pages. I'm not exactly sure where those are but I will follow up on that and I do think it's an interesting way. I know you can put links on the pages. They may not be where they were in the past which is kind of highlighted on top but we'll definitely look into that. And by the way, when do you do your show so we can let people know?

24:51 Perry

I haven't done the show lately because I've been so busy but in the chat Go Media so people can subscribe and stuff. And I wanted to make another note where I did have a guest on, I wanted to get the guest on to talk about her dating book and she declined because it wasn't my own domain name. It will go to Blog Talk Radio, so I kind of, you know, that's another thing, too, like some -- I guess some people that you do try to invite, they're like what, where is this or that kind of thing.

25:33 Alan Levy

Yes. Again, I don't know if you listened early on but we had Barry Manilow on a show this week. We've had Obama on Blog Talk Radio. I mean really it's on the circuit. We have authors and actors and actresses and sports figures have all been on the network. So you really shouldn't limit your ability to get a guest. We have really no plans for separate domain names. Again, you can go create your own blogger, own blog spot, or Tumblr or what not and embed the player there. But it really shouldn't limit it and then there's a section on the Blog Talk Radio website which is under the feature tab and it's the best of VTR. Just send that link to any publicist or anyone that is interested and I think you'll have a good response and they'll see who's been on Blog Talk Radio and all that content, all those individuals were on our network. Everyone from Obama to Brad Pitt to Yoko Ono, so good luck with your show and thanks for calling.

26:37 Perry

Alright. Thank you. You guys have a great day.

26:39 Alan Levy

Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, David, I know that one of the issues that had been with the new design and I know that the guys are looking at it, what to do with the book. I know you've dealing with the issue about the book jacket and how that's being managed?

26:55 David Kim

The book jacket on the...

26:57 Alan Levy

On an episode page. So if you're interviewing an author, if you wrote a best selling novel, maybe you have, I don't know, and I interviewed you, you could have it up there and people can buy that. So, but anyway, we'll make a note of that and again, thanks for your call. Robin did have a question. She had a question on some of the changes on the profile page and we can get into that with her if she likes to call in or actually get on the line. There's another call, something in the chat from Cubana Rama who I know is on Facebook. She says, she has a question about can you host the show with any smart phone out there on the market today and have a little chat as well. So one of the studio that was being built now that we just launched is going to be available at some point on the iPod. If you look at the studio, it's quite a design. I mean you've got three major sections of this. It's got a switchboard on the left, in the center you can play audio clips, and on the right side is a promote tab and an episode info tab and that you can actually open a chat window in the studio. It would very hard, and we always felt it would be very hard to create a show, to manage a show using your smart phone or a phone and so with did make that investment, I think with the iPod, it's a much bigger format, and with the studio I think ultimately we're going to get there and I think it's very cool. You could host the show using any phone of course. You just dial in a phone number, you dial you guest number or your host number so you could host the show from the beach, you could host the show from an office, you could host the show from anywhere, but you need someone else to manage the switchboard for you. That's how you would have to do it but you can host a show from any location, any remote location whatsoever.

28:54 David Kim

You're absolutely...I'm sorry.

28:56 Alan Levy

Go ahead, David.

28:58 David Kim

You're absolutely right. I mean on the smart phone, unfortunately, there is just a limited amount or real state for displaying the switchboard or the studio in addition to the chat module so you just can't do both of them on the smart phone which nowadays runs round 4.7 inches, but like you said on the tablets, that's a whole different story and you can actually have the studio with the integrated chat right inside the studio so you can have that entire management console on the new tablets that are coming out.

29:44 Alan Levy

Right, so that's on the road map and we like the idea that it now right with the larger format, a larger platform for the host that manage the studio. It makes a lot of sense. So there's a lot of things that we incorporate into the studio. One is that, I mean I'm going to go through some of the big core features of the studio now and there is different levels of services on Blog Talk Radio, of course the free service which enables you to host the show for 30 minutes a day and you have limited number of callers inbound and there's other features, many other features that are on the premium packages that start at 39.95 which are as follows: The ability to use Skype so directly from the studio you can integrated your Skype, integrate a Skype call-in. Another feature which people really love is the ability to dial out. So you could call a guest from the switchboard and make an outbound call and that's all included in your premium charges. In essence, you don't have to have a guest call in to a show and that's really a great radio works in that way. You have an athlete of the Nixon, you just want to call his cell phone and get him on air, and now with the studio, you very easily will be able to bring in a caller directly by dialing off the platform. Some of the other key features are the ability to upload audio clips. I showed you earlier, I actually run the intro by playing a clip on the fly. I can just demonstrate it again and where (Intro) so I'm managing the speed clips in the studio. Start where you're able -- you had a low dose clips up early and before the show launch and now you can actually add clips on the fly which is a great feature and people want to be able to add those during the broadcast of your inventory, you can maintain them there but you can add them very easily.

31:50 Alan Levy

So those are just more features that we added now on the studio that are all here and very accessible. We have some other questions in the studio so why don't we take some of those now, and Cherry has been screening them and posting those questions again. If anyone would like to call in, the call-in number is (347) 677-0649. So why don't we take this one question from Steven Streight has a comment. I'd love to speak to you, Al. Well, thank you, Steven, and I really appreciate it. Well actually, Steven, are you on air now? 309.

32:28 Steven Streight

Yes sir. Hello.

32:29 Alan Levy

Hi, Steven. How are you? Welcome to The Alan Levy Show on Blog Talk Radio.

32:33 Steven Streight

Hey, I love Blog Talk Radio. Let me make a quick comment and then a quick question. I loaded up some sound effects and some music that I made myself called -- I call out Streight sound, Steven Streight, Streight sounds, and just for the hack of it, I was really nervous about using it live with a guest that I just loaded up some sound effects and some of my music. Well, I was waiting for a guest to show, Bennett Tyson, he is a dj at killradio.org and he didn't show up and I thought that there was some mix up or he had troubled Wi-Fi or something. It turns out he thought he had to call my home phone number instead of the call-in number. So here I am waiting for him to show up. I started triggering, started playing the audio clips and some of my own music to kill some time and wait for him to call in, he never did. But I accidentally ended up creating some radio theater and now I think it's really funny and now I'm doing like not only just interviews with people and ask audio essays and rants but I'm also doing radio theater where I have robot sounds and different things and some of my own music very inspired by Resonance FM, Harmony Fraser and Diane Wilson, things like. And so I just want to sure that with you. Then I had these effects loaded up and some of my own music and so when the guest didn't show up, I could do something instead of just saying well, you know, just end the program and have nothing there.

33:54 Alan Levy

Right, because without a great feature to have, the ability you played both clips on the fly and they're embedded in your studio and yeah. That feature, we put that feature into the platform very early because again what we really wanted to do was replicate a radio studio in the browser.

34:13 Steven Streight

Yeah, yeah.

34:14 Alan Levy

And that's one of the key elements, the ability to play those clips and that's of course when the guest doesn't show, unless you can have is dead air.

34:22 Steven Streight

One thing I would like, it would be nice if you had maybe some more material for a host, maybe even templates on how to invite guest, maybe a template or a sample of an email you might say a thing, I'd like to invite you to be a guest on my show, let's say an hour long interview discussion format in such and such a time, maybe if you had some tips and maybe you do, maybe I haven't explored the site further or far enough, but helping people to know how to approach people to get interviews. It seems like there's a lot of interviews going on.

34:53 Alan Levy

Well, to create interview format, that's a great question and I appreciate that. And we do, there are a number of tips. We're rebuilding the entire back end of the platform and you'll see the new studio. I don't know how long you've been a -- how long have you been a host on Blog Talk Radio?

35:08 Steven Streight

Just a few weeks now. I'm a premium host.

35:10 Alan Levy

Yes. So a few weeks. Well, we just launched this new studio and you probably saw the old one. This is a far cry, a big improvement, and we're also rebuilding the entire back end of the system and right now, not organized too well, but there are some promote tabs that give you tips on how to get guests and some of that information will be there but I think one of the big powers of the platform is that the host themselves has the ability to go reach out to their own community. And I fully agree with you that providing the host with tips on some background on Blog Talk Radio. You're on Blog Talk Radio network so here's a little blurb about us or about Blog Talk Radio. You're a host on Blog Talk Radio. How many shows that we've done. Who've been some premier guest.

36:00 Steven Streight

Yeah, famous people.

36:01 Alan Levy

Yeah, and again, when you have the stars that we have running through here, it's an enormous amount of content in almost every genre and I think we can do, I think we should look at that and try to provide tools, as many tools as we can to the host.

36:17 Steven Streight

Well, you're doing a really great job. Can I just give a plug real quick. Ken Freedman, the general manager of WFMU is going to be on my show Thursday, July 7 at 7 p.m. central standard time.

36:29 Alan Levy


36:30 Steven Streight

And WFMU is the world's first and longest lasting free form radio show, was coming out of Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey. My band play there in 1986 but Ked Freedman is a radio revolutionary.

36:46 Alan Levy

Oh, wonderful.

36:46 Steven Streight

And I'll be interviewing him Thursday, July 7 at 7 p.m. CST.

36:51 Alan Levy

What's your show URL on blogtalkradio.com/?

36:57 Steven Streight

It's /stevenstreight, S-T-R-E-I-G-H-T.

37:03 Alan Levy

Okay. Excellent.

37:05 Steven Streight

And I call it Vaspers the Grate Presents because that's my nickname.

37:08 Alan Levy


37:09 Steven Streight

But that was a great show.

37:11 Alan Levy

Thank you very much.

37:13 Steven Streight

Thank you, too.

37:14 Alan Levy

And thanks for calling in, I appreciate that.

37:16 Alan Levy

Yes, David. I mean that's another -- that's a great idea and I think by the way, we've got a lot of this material on the back end, in the system but it may not be accessible.

37:16 Steven Streight

Thank you.

37:30 David Kim

Yeah, so we have been playing around with the idea of getting hosts and guests together into a mix where they can communicate and participate across shows and so that's definitely the discussion that's going on. So that would be right up Steven's alley.

38:00 Alan Levy

Yeah wonderful. Thank you for that. No, it's great. I mean we're going to continue to refine the tools and we're going to take a call now from Robin. Robin, well actually, she is in the studio in the screening room. So hopefully, we'll get her on. We'll take a call from Robin from Oregon. She has a couple of questions as well. So let's talk a little here again about what else you can do. On the right side of the studio, when you go in there, you'll see first is the three tabs. One is the promote tab, where you can promote your show on Twitter, Facebook and Blog Talk Radio. There's also a short link which you can copy and paste anywhere and any browser and of course there's the code, the HML code that you can embed on your blog or your web page and that will play the archive show when its done and all the shows are done within 20 minutes roughly of the show which is recorded and available on iTunes which I hope our hosts are registering with iTunes and getting their show there so they can search. Actually, my show is there. You can search for The Alan Levy Show on iTunes and lots of people who download my show and I do appreciate that. One of the other sections of the right side of the studio is called episode info and that's a very important -- it's a very important section here and right now, I have a title of the show and we put our tags and other content in there such as the duration of the show, when the show is about to air and a description of the show. And we talked a lot about method data and what is method data mean and all of our shows are index of Google so it's really important that our hosts are filling in the descriptions of their shows as best they can which helps them search.

40:04 Alan Levy

Our hosts, if you Google many of our hosts names into Google, their show on Blog Talk Radio will come up on the first page. So make note of the descriptions of your shows and so on. Why don't we take another -- we can take another caller but first, what I'd like to do is -- Kerry from Florida. She's asking for feedback on selling advertising and that's in the studio, Cherry put in a note. Actually, we have Kerry on. Kerry 904, you're on Blog Talk Radio. How are you?

40:41 Kerry

I'm great Alan, how are you?

40:43 Alan Levy

Wonderful. What part of Florida are you from?

40:46 Kerry

I'm actually in Jacksonville. I moved in Jacksonville B.

40:51 Alan Levy

Okay. And are you on a cell phone now or...?

40:55 Kerry

No. I'm actually calling from a [unintelligible].

40:57 Alan Levy

Oh, well, really poor connection. David, are you having trouble hearing her?

41:04 David Kim

It sounds okay for me, a little distant.

41:07 Kerry

It sounds better now.

41:09 Alan Levy

Yes, better now. Wonderful, wonderful.

41:10 David Kim


41:11 Alan Levy

So Kerry, what's your question that you have for us?

41:15 Kerry

Well, I basically just wanted to get some feedback from you. I'm actually a co-host now with Blog Talk. I've had my show for three years and I just recently escalated June 1st and I'm actually doing a daily show now and my show is business focused, it's Kerry's Network, and I have different guests on that can relate to just for a small business owners, entrepreneurs, and we cover all aspects of business and I'm getting ready to market to sell advertising on my show. Obviously to paper expensive that mostly to earn an income, an additional income for myself. And I just wanted to kind of go over some of the things that I'm doing and to see if you have any feedback for me or any additional suggestions that I could be doing for my show. Because I did put together a media hit. I do promote the show very heavily through social media. I try to share it on as many blogs and website as I can and then of course my guests that are on, I encourage them to do the same thing because it helps some as well. The more this so gets out, some more listeners that they have, the more hits they can get to the website and so forth. But I was really trying to focus on people that might want to do advertising for audio, doing the audio commercials in addition to the banners.

42:34 Alan Levy


42:34 Kerry

And I'm kind of really focused on businesses that because Blog Talk. Well, I have people that came into my show that live in California, some that live in Texas and some that live here in Florida, they're all over the place. So I feel like my best target market is going to be people who's focused on business to business that don't really have any territories. So I'm kind to really focus my efforts on those types of people to promote the advertising too, to buy into it. I'm not on iTunes yet. I don't know if that would help me as far as promoting yet or even as far of selling the advertising, a portion of it. But if you have any other suggestions for me, if you feel like I'm on the right track or is there anything additional that I should be doing.

43:20 Alan Levy

Well, I think there's a lot of different things if the ability, the getting your content as many places as you can, it makes a lot of sense so I do recommend that you get it on iTunes and you had it on your Facebook or in your blogs. You want to be able to get as broader reach as possible and those platforms enable you to get more and more content there and again you have a separate site? What's your web page?

43:52 Kerry

I do. Actually, I have a couple of different websites because I have the radio show, I also do a business publication and I have a networking organization as well but my Blog Talk Radio page is actually blogtalkradio.com/Kerrys-Network and then I do have links on there to my Twitter page and to my main website as well.

44:24 Alan Levy

Yeah. So I think there's different ways to sell advertising on blog, not just Blog Talk Radio but just in general and Blog Talk Radio has a large volume of content as we talk about. I think we have more than 12 million listeners a month to all of the shows and it's built up of a lot of mixed audiences. So there are some hosts that have hundreds of callers to thousands of callers. It really runs the gamut and so what I recommend to some individuals that are come and getting out and they're trying to do somewhat be to be and they're doing network in a very high value guests. Just really think about the sponsorship strategy where you're selling sponsorships for $500 a month and you kind of, you know, and you try different things out and you can do mentions on air for the sponsorships, you can...there's different programs. We have what's called the branded profile where if you get a large sponsor to participate, you can have the player branded. You could put their images, the display. You could play free role of clips. So that's a good path to go but I would focus on the sponsorships and not necessarily focus on the X number of listeners that you have because they're high value. If you're interviewing -- if a large network is sponsoring your show and you're interviewing a high value guest that could bring a lot of interest to that network, well, that's important to that sponsor and I think if they give you approaches from a sponsorship's standpoint as opposed to like a CPM model, I think you'll be able to get started much easier.

46:15 Kerry

And I'm glad that you share that with me, Alan, because I was looking at going that route instead of doing just selling my traditional radio advertising like they do on the regular stations because I do have that capability. I did this upgrade to be a pro host and I'm very, very glad that I did it. For anybody that's listening that have a show and you haven't upgraded, I have to say I would highly recommend that you do it. I wish I would have done it sooner. I really, really, really do. And I love the new studio by the way. I absolutely love it.

46:45 Alan Levy

Thank you. I appreciate it.

46:48 Kerry

I did want to throw one more thing out there too because I have been listening to the show if it's okay.

46:52 Alan Levy


46:53 Kerry

Some people were talking about getting guests on their show. Again, I have my shows I think January of 2009 and I was only doing my show once a week, a 30-minutes show on Thursdays and like I said I just recently upgraded so I'm doing it everyday, but I have had a few celebrities on my show. Larry Winget has been on my show. I'm sure most people know who he is, and tips for a personality development and then Barbara Corcoran of the Shark Tank. She's been on my show. We'd had Kim Perez who is the former PBC host and former Ms. West Virginia. Just to kind of throw this out there because I'm constantly looking for guest and one of the things that I do with the celebrities because I really try to mark it to them a little bit each week, I send out emails and sometimes I'll go to their websites, I do research. If they have a website and if there's a telephone number, I will call them and you would be really surprised. I mean sometimes, it is just a matter of sending them an email and saying hey look, this is my show. I would love to have you on as a guest if you're available and I just find that sometimes they're easier to get on the show than some of the regular guests that I've had that don't have that celebrity status.

48:05 Alan Levy


48:06 Kerry

So it's just a matter I think of getting out there and asking and doing the research and I think it's easier than what those people think. Just don't think...

48:14 Alan Levy

Yeah. Kerry, thank you. I really appreciate that and it really is true and that's one of the phenomenon of the platform that we realized early on and I'll just give you one reference to that and then we'll move on to take Robin's call in a moment. But we are about six months in. We launched the platform in September of 2006. I mean I was the first host, I did five shows a day I think but maybe 10. Of course, no one other than my mother and my sister would listen, even my wife wouldn't listen to those shows. But Duncan Hunter now who's running for president on February, about five or five months after, is running for republican nominee for president in the primary. So Amy Domestico is still with us, was working with us. I said, "Amy, call Duncan Hunter's office and see if he would come on and talk about why he's running for president," and sure enough about an hour later, she said I got him tomorrow morning at 10:30, he's going to be on your show. It's just amazing because at a radio show, I was able to interview -- Duncan Hunter is one of the first interviews and he called me from Myrtle Beach in the parking lot. So if you just had Barbara Corcoran who is famous and I really recommend every host to go out there and just reach for the stars and you'll be amazed as to who you'll get to come on your show. Again, thank you Kerry for calling. Good luck with your show on Blog Talk. Robin why don't we take your call and you're from Oregon. How are you, Robin?

49:44 Robin

Well, doing pretty good. How are you doing?

49:46 Alan Levy

Good, good. Where in Oregon? What part of Oregon are you from?

49:51 Robin

We're over in Eugene, Oregon.

49:53 Alan Levy

Oh Eugene, okay.

49:54 Robin


49:56 Alan Levy

That's beautiful.

49:57 Robin

I mean if you like rain. I call it little Atlanta [unintelligible]. The question I have for you, which is part of the changes that you made to the main show page. It's been a little hard to promote our individual shows I think because we can't customize them and some of the steps that indicates what we had got moved down to the show notes about on the bottom. There are shows which is KRBN Internet News Talk, we have different segments like Trucker Talk, we have Oregon update and we have different guests in the show like a former Lane County Commissioner Cindy Weeldreyer and we were arranging others that when you took away that way to promote the different segments, it's really kind of hurt the way the show that it shows in a number that way if you have any plans in the future to allow us to customize our page more to promote ourselves.

50:57 Alan Levy

David, maybe you want to talk to that. Well, you probably heard a lot of these types of things, comments on the change of the show page.

51:10 David Kim

I'm sorry, I was chatting with someone online. Can you repeat that?

51:15 Alan Levy

Yeah, that's okay. So I will address that, Robin. So we went through, one of the things that we wanted to do with the platform was to really make it much clearer the interface which is two models up. So we really try to simplify everything and that's one of the things that we did and we cleaned up the web pages. So for example, if you go on Facebook, you see a comment interface there. So our prior page looks more like Myspace than it's at Facebook. So we took really lot of focus in on that. We also want to focus in on the content and we had to focus in on the player. The player that we had, a lot of people could even find the player. And we're focusing on the conversation, the audio, and I do, we have heard some comments about the show notes and I'm not really sure what exactly you're talking about, about the promotional capability and why is that an issue. Why is that an issue?

52:22 Robin

Well, for example, I can say we do multiple types of programs but when you look at, when you go to our show page, the first thing you see in the description is three lines in a pull down list. Well, before, we actually had 2-3 inches let me can show okay. Here's Trucker Talk, here's a brief description about that. Here's Oregon Update and a brief description about that, and it's all right there on the main page itself although it happened to go on the back for it board. And if you went to a page and go down to the show notes button, it kind of gives you a better idea how we had been played out.

53:02 Alan Levy

Right, right. No, again, I know that this was one of the common points of the new profile page and we've taken a lot, we made a lot of made to changes to the studio now and as well as to the show pages and the episode page and there are things that people liked about it and there are things that people don't. So one of the things that I know that came up was description to the shows and how best to highlight those. So, what will do is make a note of this and look to see we can...we're looking to enhance the overall experience, right, for both listeners and hosts. So, we took some shots at it and maybe they will need to be some subtle tweaks but you should know that we're really focused on improving the experience.

53:53 Robin

Okay, yeah. At the very least, you can give us more than just three lines to kind of describe what we're about, I mean that would be a great improvement and maybe move the button of the show notes.

54:04 Alan Levy

You mean a description of what the show is, like what your show is on the show page?

54:08 Robin

Right. Correct. So we can kind of describe to people visiting for the first time what KRBN is all about and maybe move the show notes page or the show notes button more towards the top of the screen, not way at the bottom where unless you know where to look for, I do not even know it's there. Run by the five-second rule of advertising, you get five seconds to either gain or lose a viewer on the webpage.

54:37 Alan Levy

Well, again, I mean I may not be fully following you but I'm on air. I mean to my profile pages, blogtalkradio.com/AlanLevy, and you could see here that I'm on air. It is a red line up there and there is the Alan Levy show and it says my name is Alan Levy, I'm co-founder and CEO so there is three lines. If you can open that up, it describes what the show is about and then there is three links. There is my Twitter link, Facebook link and the blog that I use which is the Blog Talk Radio blog. I then have my featured episode which is the one I did with Lester Wunderman who is amazing and then I have my upcoming wonders on air now. So, what exactly of the show page are you not seeing a description of your show, because I see the three lines there. You want more than three lines, is that it?

55:27 Robin

Correct. Because I'm on your show page now and where it goes in to his blog inspired me to create a medium.

55:36 Alan Levy


55:36 Robin

Then you got to go pull down button for more description.

55:39 Alan Levy

Yeah. And again, do you think -- again, this is a matter of taste in our design guys so we will definitely make a note of it and watch out for more changes and thank you again for your call.

55:55 Robin

Alright. Thank you.

55:56 Alan Levy

I appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah, go ahead David.

56:01 David Kim

That's great feedback and we really take those things to heart. We really listen and rely on the feedback and input from our customers and our community to help shape the development of the products that really serve our customers. Specifically for the description, you're absolutely right. We have basically three lines displayed with a little drop down button to display any additional information and then that's really there to make a more simplified pleasant experience. In cases where some shows have very lengthy descriptions, we don't want to fill the entire page and really push down a lot of other relevant information out of view. So we want to really focus on just the highlight or a lot of the very important information up in the front and give the option to the viewer to drop down and look at a more descriptive information other than the three lines.

57:28 Alan Levy

Wonderful. Thank you, David. And Robin again, thank you for calling in to the show. We have another call from Barbara. You're on air, Barbara 2160, you code. How are you, Barbara?

57:38 Barbara

Hi Alan, I'm doing great. How are you?

57:41 Alan Levy

Great, and where are you coming from?

57:43 Barbara

I was joking with...they were all virtual. We don't exist. I'm Cleveland.

57:51 Alan Levy

Because you're in Cleveland, well I know you exist because you're in the studio. It's funny Cherry who has been here now for a couple of years, I've never met her so we are almost a virtual company.

58:02 Barbara


58:03 Alan Levy

Kind pf funny. So I post Nora on blog talk, but anyway, welcome to the show and do you have a question?

58:13 Barbara

Yeah, I do. Actually let me just mention also that I've been on since 2007 and you mentioned about the Amazon book jacket and I would really, if you do decide to bring that back, I would really appreciate it because it's I'm not looking forward to going back through all the archives of four years and adding hyperlinks to the Amazon page because I did mention to my guest that people are able to purchase their book and their products just by clicking the link on the program page while with book jacket, that connection gone now, I have fulfil my word to go back through all of those shows and that's a lot to put the hyperlink there so that people can go to the page and buy from Amazon. So, if you could, if you were considering bringing that back, that would be really -- I personally would really appreciate that.

59:02 Alan Levy

Well, I appreciate that. And I'm going to definitely talk to the development people and resources here. One of the things that, when you make changes to a platform like this and we made a lot of changes. Since you've been here in 2007, you see a lot of changes now, of course the studio which is remarkable I think and a great effort for the guys and the team over there. One of the things that we look at with the number of the books that sold or the number of shows that had the book jacket there in the word, it wasn't overwhelming but I do think it's an important feature. I personally think it's important when you're interviewing a guest and you want to bring in a great author and that the book some sort of book jacket's there, maybe it's not Amazon, maybe it's wherever books are sold so it's definitely on the list and we will look at it. I will make that commitment. You have another question?

1:00:02 Barbara

Yeah. Actually, I do have a question. I wondered if because and I do want to say that the changes have been remarkable and I especially want to give kudos to the tech support guys. All the years that I've been on BTR, they have always been awesome. They've been right on time, even back in the day when they were live in my chat room. They would just show up in the chat room and asked is everything okay. So I definitely want to say thank you to all the tech guys in the background that are not necessarily on the air chatting with us but they're keeping everything running and they always answer my questions really quick. So, thank you to everybody, and my question is would you consider adding a listener community, the ability for the listener community to vote on their favorite shows and providing feedback and possibly a front page feature. It's getting difficult for me to get featured. It used to be an easy thing for me to get my guest and my celebs featured on the home page. And now it's becoming almost impossible. I put in the request and I don't see it happening. So I wondered if it was something that you will consider that the listener community would have a voice and what's featured on the home page.

1:01:24 Alan Levy

Wells, first of all, thank you for the comments about the team, and David, if you may want to comment on that as well.

1:01:33 David Kim

Yeah. That's great to hear. We love hearing feedback like that and you're absolutely right. You may not see some people actively working but in the background, there are the folks that really support, that help and keep things running so it's much appreciated. As far as the listener ratings for shows, that is something that we're definitely considering. It is being discussed. When it comes to shows and episodes that can get rated, that can also be factored into being featured or some other elements on the site, that's definitely being discussed. So more to come so stay tuned.

1:02:32 Alan Levy

Yeah, I think it's a wonderful idea and we had this community and it's a vibrant community. Many of the hosts are listeners of course. It's no question. It's a great idea and it's one that we'll consider doing. And just to kind of for the people that are listening to the show, now, in 30 minutes on demand or in two years from now. We are making an effort and Barbara you know since you've been in since 2007, so really we build the entire physical layer of the platform and also on the back end the ability to kind of use these tools like the studio and inviting people and all kinds of things. So we really are focusing on the lowest hanging through which we felt was these episode pages and the profile pages, cleaning up to site and now the studio but we're going to get our way down there and I think the option of adding a rating of hosts by the community is a great idea. So we will definitely take that to note and thank you again for calling, I appreciate it.

1:03:32 Barbara

You're welcome.

1:03:33 Alan Levy

So we will take another call. Is that okay, David? We like taking calls, particularly when they're just nice things to say.

1:03:42 David Kim


1:03:43 Alan Levy

We have a call now from a lady by the name of Mama Joyce who is an 180 area code and I know that Mama Joyce has probably some nice things to say. She's been on the network for a long time. How are you, Mama Joyce?

1:03:58 Mama Joyce

Oh, honey, I'm fantastic. I'm telling you everybody who listens to this particular show and in the archives, we must support Blog Talk Radio. They have given me a venue where I can connect people to help other people. I have had so many different kinds of guests, none of them are really high profile but their places -- I connected to the places to the people so we can help each other. In this world that make it a better world and because of you, Alan, because of you, I'm able to do this show and connect people and I want you to know thousands of people have listened in my show and they are actually inspired and encouraged and I just wanted to say thank you. And one thing, I also want all the listeners to really listen up, and David maybe you can make this happen. There should be a button or some kind of donation from PayPal of something that if you're a listener and maybe you don't have the interest to host your own show but you like Blog Talk Radio and you do want to support it, create a button or PayPal device so people could donate any kinds of money to support Blog Talk Radio. You have people that you hire, you hired people to help run it. That would be a wonderful alternative because I know for sure some of the people that listen in my show would love, maybe not to host their own show, but to donate to Blog Talk Radio because they believe in what you guys are doing. [Crosstalk]

1:05:49 David Kim

You can make that check out too David Kim. I will give you my address.

1:05:54 Alan Levy

Yeah. I mean look, again, we've never had a donate button here and I never really like the donate button.

1:06:04 Mama Joyce


1:06:05 Alan Levy

And I obviously there on blog then we've made a significant investment to billing this platform as you know and not only have we made the significant investment from a monetary standpoint and our people, our team, but our hosts have and you have and it's our hosts that made this commitment and made this community what it is really and I think a few people have mentioned this donation button and again I don't know, I'm not calling the shots here in terms of design and development but surely, we'll take it to note and maybe it is something that, there should be some way for the community to help support the network and I really appreciate your comments too because we see the power of the platform through these years and you see it by the influence and the impact you have on people's lives and...

1:06:56 Mama Joyce


1:06:57 Alan Levy

Our challenge is to get more people expose to it. And for that we really need to open it up and have better resources and better tools so thank you for that comment. So we will definitely take it back to the shop and see what we can do.

1:07:16 Mama Joyce

Absolutely, and I would be the first to donate. Because you guys are awesome in anytime, anytime at all you need a box of candy or you need an encouragement, you get to Mama Joyce and I'll set you up.

1:07:32 Alan Levy

So, where do I send the check to you?

1:07:38 Mama Joyce

(Laughs) I tell you guys, you're like my family. I love you guys so much, all of you, and behind the scenes, listen listeners, behind the scenes they work very hard so if your show sometimes has maybe a little glitch or something happening to it, don't get frustrated, don't get upset, take it in stride because they're doing the best they can and you just explain to your listeners this happens and we need to go with the flow and support them and be supportive to them. So, don't get upset of the little glitches happen. That's part of life.

1:08:19 Alan Levy

Right. Wonderful. Well, we're going to take this little snip it out of the show and distribute it to our entire community, Mama.

1:08:27 Mama Joyce

Oh, pleasure.

1:08:29 Alan Levy

Thank you very much. Have a great day.

1:08:30 Mama Joyce

Oh, honey, you're welcome and you guys take care and keep up the good work.

1:08:35 Alan Levy

Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

1:08:37 Mama Joyce

You're welcome, dear.

1:08:38 Alan Levy

We are live today having a great time. The call-in number if anyone is interested in calling in, we have a bit more time. We extended the show 30 minutes. It's another feature that we can do here. We have the ability to extend the shows on the fly. If you're on the radio studio, you're locked in between the certainly hours that you scheduled here, Blog Talk Radio has this capability. The call-in number is (347) 677-0649. Anyone call in, Cherry is in the virtual screening room and she will talk to you and hopefully we get you on air. One of the things that I also wanted to mention today and it's going to be a very big announcement that's going to end tomorrow and I don't want to get too much away on it and please go to visit the site tomorrow. You'll see a blog post around it. One of the key things about Blog Talk Radio is the underlying technology that powers this up. Again, it is very unique technology and there's very few companies that do it and can emerge the phone network with the internet and the social space in a way that we've done. And we met a lot of brands that have been on Blog Talk Radio for a long time. Companies consider to the use of platform like IBM and Sears and online publishers, AAA, Xerox, Cox, these companies are all using the tools and they all came through Blog Talk Radio and just like a host that has been calling in today. Well, these companies are using the tools as well. So, one of the things that we felt that this is a need, a real pressing need was to decouple the technology from the media property. Blog Talk Radio is a media property.

1:10:32 Alan Levy

We sell advertising. We sell subscriptions. We have tens of thousands of host to million of shows but if a company or an online publisher or brand is looking a great content using our tools, but put it in their own environment, that is on their web page, and it's on their Facebook page and through their own Twitter profile. It doesn't even touch Blog Talk Radio. That is why we're launching tomorrow and it's really exciting. It's a next evolution of Blog Talk Radio where the tools will be available for radio stations, companies, book publishers, online publishers. Hopefully the phones will be ringing and we will get a lot of interest in that and I know that something you're excited about as well.

1:11:18 David Kim

I think were all excited about it.

1:11:21 Alan Levy

Yeah. Yeah we really are. So again, look back tomorrow at blogtalkradio.com. There will be probably a blog post about it and I'm sure there will be a lot of messages on the site about this initiative that is taking place. Let's talk a little more while we get some more callers getting queued up here. David, why don't you talk about kind of the support, your organization, when premium support, how this premium support differ from basic support, do you want to talk about that briefly?

1:11:54 David Kim

Sure. So the premium support that we provide for our premium customers. We have a couple of additional channels such as live chat and also phone support. You can actually speak to someone real time online through live chat or over the phone just by accessing the new studio interface. Those are very powerful you can actually get to someone real time, immediate response for any issues that you have. So just everyone knows our hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday and then 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday. So, the customers can access us through many channels including email, live chat as well as phone. The premium let people get to us real time through the live chat as well as phone. So I think it's a great value or for those customers.

1:13:23 Alan Levy

Yeah that's wonderful. The commitment of our customer support team is really amazing and Momma Joyce and all the hosts, Barbara who has been on since 2007. This is technology. You just can pull a set of a box and download it. You're downloading Microsoft office so on and so forth, right. This is really complicated stuff and it's live now we're live and then it's recorded. There are so many things going on and I just have to give kudos to the entire team, the customer support team who have always give in just their all and then just touch commitment, just like our host doing. Again, these ample hours that people are on available to answer questions. Plus the premium support is terrific and I encourage you to use it. A lot of people say that Blog Talk Radio is a little complicated when you get started but when you're on it, it's like riding a bike you know how to do it and it's very intuitive and it's easy but first getting on, it could be a little difficult. So Coach Slo is calling it from Tennessee and sure want to you are new to them and then we will take his question. Coach Slo, you're on, 931 area code.

1:14:39 Coach Slo

Hi Alan. This is Coach Slo. I'm a female.

1:14:43 Alan Levy


1:14:44 Coach Slo

I am from Tennessee and just finished the contract to a local radio station here in the Columbia area and what I wanted to know is, a friend of mine who does a lot of social media work recommended that I just said it for a year and I asked the question, how different is Blog Talk Radio programming as opposed to our radio, a love - a love radio show because I'm a little scared because I'm not that familiar with your platform but I've been listening the last couple of weeks, I've been listening to your show and other shows of interest. I do business to business programming. That's what I did on the actual show and I just wondered if you could just help me, briefly give some understanding on what it would like to - the transition from the regular radio format to your format. Considering being a host.

1:15:42 Alan Levy

Sure, I love to draw that the things but Coach Slow, I mean we are coach of what sport.

1:15:52 Coach Slo

No. I've done a bit of girls coaching business to business, business girls coaching and teach them.

1:15:57 Alan Levy

And what's your last name?

1:16:01 Coach Slo

My first name is Slo.

1:16:02 Alan Levy

Oh, your first name is Slo. Oh, that's interesting. S-L-O-W is that right?

1:16:08 Coach Slo


1:16:09 Alan Levy

S-L-O. Okay alright. I'm sorry, I did not mean it. S-L-O. Okay excellent. So, Coach Slo - obviously the word radio is in our name but we are very different in traditional radio, terrestrial radio. When you do a local radio show, it's only heard, first of all, it is heard live and it's only heard in your local area which is important and it gives you reach in that community. When you put yourself on Blog Talk Radio, it is a much different format. First of all, it is done live. Most of the shows are done live stream, right now you're on my show, its live today. There is 13 minutes left on the show when you see, in the studio that I see your information there. So, it's a live show where you are taking callers. But once the show is done, it's recorded automatically and it's available to be distributed throughout the internet. So what does that mean? It means that, first of all upon your Blog Talk Radio profile. So someone can go to the Coach Slo's page on Blog Talk Radio and listen to all your prior shows. It's also indexed for Google which is very important. So when you create a show on Blog Talk Radio, you are actually creating right inside the Google format. So when people search for Coach Slo, there's a good chance that your show on Blog Talk Radio is going to be one of the top things that they say. Same thing you'll see is let say, do you have Facebook page or a blog, or word press blog. So you get the benefit of having online references to your show. And the other thing of course, you see it is very easy to embed and share it on Facebook, on iTunes, on Twitter. So you just get a much bigger reach, right? Because people are listening to this show, you are a guest on my show. You're calling in and people listen around the world to this show could be thousands of people listening over time and you're getting exposed to this larger audiences and your show would get access by people from everywhere. And you can point them to your website and can improve to sell your products. It's a much different environment.

1:18:25 Coach Slo

Well, one of the things that I though I would do is I have - that is what I was wanting to find out is obviously the local radio show that idea, was only reaching the local market and I want to reach out to give coaching can be done anywhere. They can be done on the phone or I do a lot of managing on Skype. So, you don't have to be here in my area, in my pound. You can be in another country for that matter. So this is why I mentioned that I just did not know that it existed because I'm just not that familiar with it. I use Facebook some but I was not that familiar had this friend that does social media training and only make to your site. So I'm very interested, so how would I go about learning more about this and see if my content would a fit for a show on this platform.

1:19:24 Alan Levy

David, do you want to point her to certain tutorials and help guides on the site?

1:19:36 Coach Slo

Hello, you still there?

1:19:38 Alan Levy

Yeah. David is probably, he is not sitting next to me. He is in another state actually as well as in this. So, again I think you've got...David you there?

1:19:50 David Kim

Sorry I was on mute. Yeah, we've actually got some great tutorials to help you out there. So, let me post it down in the chat room right now.

1:20:00 Coach Slo


1:20:01 Alan Levy

Yeah so you will be able to - it is a new experience and the social media expert or the person that you rely upon he or she is from Tennessee as well.

1:20:12 Coach Slo

Ah yes. Yes, Nashville.

1:20:15 Alan Levy

Nashville. So, I think it is wonderful that more and more people of course found Blog Talk Radio. As we said earlier, we posted over two million shows now on the network which is an enormous number of shows that there all on index and the contents here. So, this is rapidly this turn for long pale. Long pale content means that contents continually getting listen to. We have shows that I listen to at least once a month of the 75% of the shows continually get listened to at least once a month and that is because of search. When people who will search your name or call it slower or slow, they are going to find your show on Blog Talk Radio. Our challenge and our mission is to get more people exposed to it which has brought into community for everybody. Like a crowd forcing model.

1:21:05 Coach Slo

My actual radio show was "Grow with the Flo" and the all to have a tag line "Grow with the Flo". [Crosstalk]

1:21:15 Alan Levy

Grow with flow? Or slow?

1:21:17 Coach Slo

Grow with flo. Yeah grow with flow.

1:21:18 Alan Levy

Grow with flo.

1:21:18 Coach Slo

Flow. Flo. Some of the things that I discussed actually are strategies and things that you can go back to your business and a plan from the things that I discussed to my show. So you have actually, if you implement any of the show and let's talk about on the show with my guest. You could actually grow your business by either increasing your client's base or in a number of things. Getting more exposure or whatever it was that I was discussed in and had different strategies every week I would talked about a different strategy and show you how to use it on my show.

1:21:57 Alan Levy

Wonderful. Well thank you Slo for calling in and good luck and hopefully we'll see you on Blog Talk Radio.

1:22:03 Coach Slo

Okay. And one other question, how can I get in touch with some of the host right now? That has been there and/or experience at it?

1:22:11 Alan Levy

Well, there is a few ways. One, you can go into the form. There is a form on Blog Talk Radio on bottom. You could see the form and you go in there and you can find different shows there that are in your genre and the other, the best way though, is to go and listen to the shows that you like and go on to their chat rooms and call them with questions and get to meet them follow them on Blog Talk Radio. They will follow you back and that is how the community has been built and it has been really exciting thing to see. Again Slo, thank you for calling and I appreciate it.

1:22:42 Coach Slo

Thank you Alan. Take care.

1:22:43 Alan Levy

My pleasure. My pleasure. Let say we have another call James from 602, you're on Blog Talk Radio, The Alan Levy show. How are you?

1:22:55 James Krehbiel

I'm fine. It's pleasure being on here. I'm James Krehbiel. I am a cognitive behavioral therapist. Author of the book Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life and basically I was on your show Alan a while back and I just wanted to check in, I had received a message that you are on now and I wanted to say that the process that you put for in terms of having me on the show and your confirmations and the whole thing is superb. And I really appreciated the opportunity to be on your show and that I have been on numerous Blog Talk Radio programs around the issue of childhood issues and adult trauma and I just appreciate the whole experience that has been extremely positive. I just wanted to call and let you know that I really appreciate what you're doing and what I have been able to experience by being on your shows.

1:23:58 Alan Levy

Well, thank you for calling. I really appreciate that. It's nice to hear the feedback and people getting a lot out of the platform and I will go back and check out. When was your call when you're on my show? Or did you call in as a guest calling?

1:24:18 James Krehbiel

I believe I was on your show Alan. It were you Alan, did you have another person with you?

1:24:24 Alan Levy

Yeah. I have few co-hosts in my day. Hillary Li Wang was one she was our speeches editor and she was a co-host but I've done a lot of shows but I will Google. I actually Google you can search on Blog Talk Radio for your name and that James Krehbiel.

1:24:45 James Krehbiel

James Krehbiel.

1:24:46 Alan Levy

Why don't you spell that?

1:24:48 James Krehbiel

Its K-R-E-H-B-I-E-L and I was a follower of your show and maybe it wasn't but I do numerous shows and I just appreciate the experience it was, would be a lot of the different shows.

1:25:05 Alan Levy

Well, wonderful. Thank you. I appreciate you calling for taking the time out of your day calling. Thank you so much.

1:25:11 James Krehbiel

Okay. Take care. Bye-bye!

1:25:12 Alan Levy

Wonderful. Wonderful. So again, just another caller and we have another couple of moments here. So we'll take another call and David, I think we need to do this again. What do you think?

1:25:25 David Kim

Absolutely, I love this forum or this venue for -- so many people just participating and sharing their opinions, their views and the feedback we love it -- keep it coming.

1:25:43 Alan Levy

Wonderful, I know we have another question from Dan and we'll take that sure yeah, so we have a couple of moments and we'll take Dan from California, I guess that is and he's got a question about the new studio and Dan you're on from 408 area code, how are you?

1:26:00 Dan

Thank you Alan for -- it's an honor to be on your show and it's an honor to talk to the great Alan Levy. Thank you very much for taking my call. First of -- the Blog Talk Radio, you've given us an opportunity to become something we have never imagine that we would ever be, which is radio show host and you guys keep upgrading and upgrading, and I thank you for your all great things that you're doing here at Blog Talk Radio. The questions on the new switchboard I was just -- actually there just it's maybe later on in the future you could upgrade. Sometimes on my show, which I want to leave anonymous though, sometimes on my show I get some caller that call in and they're very loud and I feel bad to always meet them, to bring them in to the conversation. Is there a way maybe next time on an upgrade you could put like a volume switch like you did on the audio section?

1:27:02 Alan Levy

Yes interesting. I think in the past -- well first of all let me just thank you for the comments and thank you for the nice comments and remarks you made about the Blog Talk Radio and me. It's very much appreciated. We're all trying hard and continuing to build something special so thank you again for those comments. The question that you have - your post is very good and I think this happens by the way on terrestrial radio as well. You can have a caller that's in on the cell phone and the call quality is very poor and then other one is coming in on a landline and the call quality is higher, the fidelity is better. We have that circumstances in the past. We're able to better monitor or adjust the host volume which is the most important one but it's something we could look at. I think it's hard and what I recommend is people call. They either call back on a better line take their question and then move on and they have to leave the show. It's very hard to monitor and kind of, adjust the balancing of a live stream audio, really is very difficult. In an MP3, you could test the volumes, obviously there are different levels and you can adjust them and tweet them and make those settings set and that's important. But I think the incoming calls, I think you just have to advise your callers to use the best phone they can and if they're on a bad line you take the call quickly and move on. That's really best -- there is nothing really on the road map here that that role is going to be addressed.

1:28:46 Dan

Yeah I just want to throw that out there because it's so easy -- something I would get on my show like one person will be so quiet but they're screaming and the next person will be like real loud and they're talking normal and its...

1:29:02 Alan Levy

But you know what - look, maybe it's something on our back end. It's in our system so David will make a note of that and speak to our tech guys and it's very well could be an issue that maybe needs to be addressed. By the way, if there's something that happened on with the new studio or did it happened prior to the new studio?

1:29:22 Dan

It was the new studio and the BC and AD before that disc.

1:29:29 Alan Levy

Right I got it, I got it. We'll make a note of that and once again thanks for calling Dan I appreciate it. We had only a few...

1:29:38 Alan Levy

A few seconds remaining here and I want to thank you for joining me on the Alan Levy show and David, thank you for participating. It was a lot of fun and Cherry, thank you for screening the calls. So David, we have to do it again huh?

1:29:38 Dan

No problem.

1:29:52 David Kim

Yeah let's do it again. It is absolutely a lot of fun. It's great to hear the feedback and all of the participation from our community. So yeah absolutely, let's do it again.

1:30:08 Alan Levy

Well, have a great day everyone. Thanks again for listening to the Alan Levy Show. Have a wonderful day.