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Mom. Wife. Employer. Employee. Leader. Friend. Sister. Nurturer. You give to everyone else selflessly. But, after you've given your all, who pours back into you? When you're tired from a hectic week, it can be tough to find the stamina, strength, and motivation to face Monday with a positive outlook. That's why Dr. Michelle has launched "Your Bedtime Blessing" online radio talk show sponsored by Alabaster Woman Ministries. "Your Bedtime Blessing" is an online talk show for progressive Christian women who desire to give God their best one day at a time. Dr. Michelle T. Johnson facilitates discussions with women about day-to-day issues, challenges, and successes.You are welcome to join us for a heart-felt and inspiring discussion before you lie down to rest on Sunday night.

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Mature women of God recognize that the Devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy the people of God and their assignments. Therefore, we must be aware of the tricks of the Devil, so we can resist them, rebuke them, and re-route them. Join Dr.... more

Did you know there is a specific witness for mothers who profess to be disciples of Christ? Mothering is a divine responsibility that God bestows on women physically and spiritually. Whether you are a biological mother, adoptive mother,... more

Ephesians 5:21, Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Submission is a difficult concept to swallow, especially for "independent" and driven women. But not just for women. Submission is difficult for ALL people. Dr. Michelle will... more

John 4:18(b), "What you have said is true!" The discussion during part one was so good, we are going to continue with a part two. On this Resurrection Sunday, it's important that we own the story of Jesus Christ - his birth, death, and... more

John 4:18(b), "What you have said is true!" Have you ever run from your past? Denied your family history? Covered up mistakes? Pretended to be someone you were not? This Bedtime Blessing is going to encourage you to own your story -... more

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Ever wonder why other people prosper or have happier lives than you? Ever deal with... more

Join Dr. Michelle for an inspiring discussion about dealing with difficult people. No one can make you behave in a manner that is unbecoming of a woman of God unless you give them your power. We will talk about real life situations - in the... more

Why is it so difficult to say "no" to people and things that aren't good for you? How many times have you said "yes" when you should have said "no"? Join us for a discussion about the power of YES to God, and the power of NO to God. Call in... more

Join Dr. Michelle and Alabaster Sisters from around the world as they discuss the power and the process of prayer. If you need prayer for something in your life, call in so we can pray with you. If you want to know how to pray for... more

Never doubt the power of sisterhood and the power of prayer. As Psalm 133 says, how good it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity. . . that is when the Lord commands a blessing. You don't want to miss this Bedtime Blessing... more
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