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Life After Snapv!ne!

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The story of how my mom was killed by an ER doctor and how doctor's are getting away with killing their patients just because they have a PHD. *After Show Notes: I had one caller on the show that was a nurse. She enlightened me on a... more

Just Playing around

Have you had the privilege of experiencing Google +? What do you think of it? This a review of Google Plus and how we think Google might have missed the mark on the new social network.
Alabamie Mamie

Bragging Rights! LOL

  • by Alabamie Mamie
This is my daughter singing on my account! So proud of her! And this is me! :)

Trying to see if it is possible to do a BTR without logging in on your switchboard.
Alabamie Mamie

What's Up with Laurita1971

  • by Alabamie Mamie
With my recent move to Michigan, I am unable to do shows on BTR because of being on dial up connection. So Jeff and I are blogging on WordPress now. They have developed a new feature for voice blogging via telephone! If your... more

Since the close of Snapvine, Everyone from the former site has been looking for a new alternative voice blogging site that would even come close to Snapvine's design and capabilities. I think Chirbit could be that site with a little help and... more

Do you know someone who seems to have it all but they still want what you have got? Call in and lets talk

I started out going to talk about how to track someone that has hacked into your accounts but after listening to Vern's blog before the show started, I decided to "Let It Go n Let God Take Care of Things Out of My Control." Boy, dont he... more

Well it's almost time to say goodbye to Snapvine and I feeling very lonely. Is there anywhere in this cyberspace that I fit in or belong? I am beginning to wonder. I have been through Hell and back on this website. Now that the WAR is over and... more
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