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The reason people do not see the living moving breathing walking Christ of God is because of the veils religion has put over our eyes. Cant you see, you walk in Him, You move in Him and in Him you have yout Being

1. We are taught that we have a carnal mind and God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
2. We were born sinners and are less than what Jesus was at birth. He had a great advantage over us being born without sin.
3. The Devil has so much power that we have to be on guard constantly or he may deceive us and steal our children.
4. We must read the bible and pray daily or the devil may get us
5. We must not forsake the assembly of ourselves together which they say is going to church and being obedient to the pastor.
6. We must faithfully tithe our gross income to the church to be blessed of God financially. If we do not tithe we rob god.
7. We must publicly confess Jesus as savior or he will deny us before his father.
8. We must strive to keep the commandments and obey or God may punish us and we may end up in an eternal fire pit and suffer forever.
9. Some teach that you must speak in tongues to be filled with the Spirit.
10. God’s own son had to be killed for you to be forgiven and accepted by him. After all you cannot enter God’s presence with sin in your life.
You can add numerous other laws and regulations that religion puts on you to be acceptable to God.
These are all lies to keep us from knowing the truth of our being. Religion keeps you so distracted from the truth of who you are that it takes divine intervention to remove the veils over our eyes. We are Christ, we  are  divine beings living and being love by God "The Most High Divine Being' on the earth today.