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Akasha Shabba Khaan

Akasha Shabba Khaan


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Artist, published author, musician, song writer, radio talk show host and intuitive, Akasha Shabba Khaan has spent the last twenty seven years in a variety of creative and spiritual pursuits that have ultimately caused him to place his identity away from the corporeal personality and more toward recognizing “self” entirely as spirit. Educated in the values of the prevailing society, he now has devoted his life to mystical spirituality and unraveling the grand questions of life: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? His new radio talk show is a vehicle where Akasha is able to dialogue with people and interview individuals who are committed to “doing the work”, to participating in the current wave of expanding consciousness. Over the coming months he'll be interviewing people who are implementing a variety of skills, healing modalities and spiritual practices that are a part of this awakening... an awakening that appears to be gaining momentum in the global awakening unfolding in the minds of mankind. The “Spirit” of humanity has struggled from it's beginning with issues of survival, identity and visions of the future... the future is now upon us. Let's examine it, let's talk about how we feel, who we see ourselves becoming and how we can lift each other up with compassion and Grace. Join Akasha and his new co-host Brett Duvall as they explore a wide variety of subjects during the coming months. Wednesdays on blogtalkradio!

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We'll discuss some ways to tell if you have awakened yet. If you're awake you probably already know. Tune in and find out.

It seems everywhere you look today someone hates someone and usually behind it all there is religion. Let's raise our consciousness and move beyond all the hatred that exists in all these manmade rules.

Perceiving reality in a different way is a giant step in transforming your life and making conscious use of this quantum soup that is the Dynamic Universe we live in. How can we benefit from the energy that is stored in this quantum soup?... more

In the past month there seems to have been an unusually large number of UFO sightings reported and video taped from around the world. Will there soon be an announcement that contact has been made? There is an awful lot of chatter on... more

There is quantitative proof that this so called shift is happening right now. What is shift and why is it important? We'll do our best to explain all this and more on todays show. You don't want to miss this one!

It was announced by reliable news sources that the UN was naming a space alien ambassador. They have recently recanted this report but why?

Conversation with a young man that totally blew me away.

Integrity! Be true to yourself and you will be a huge part of the shift. It's time for all humans to understand this, when they do the whole world will change.

What if you could change your life? Would You? Do you believe you are the most important person in your life? Should you? What is living life like you mean it? Listen and find the answers to these questions and more............
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