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AJNashville Podcast will feature guests from all walks of life. You will hear stories of success, stories of failure. Most of all, you will hear how people have overcome the failures in life and made something epic out of the lessons they learned. This podcast will have entertaining and intriguing content for listeners everywhere.

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Your time is valuable, and should be spent doing great things for the people that matter the most to you. However as human beings, most of us have the desire to give back and be there for the people around us. Its human nature, and its ok.... more

As young humans, it takes some time for us to evolve and figure out who we want to be / become. From personality growth to our fashion style. All of us have been through that transformation, often as we grow we end up going through that... more

Life has its ups and downs. With out one, you couldn't have the other. In this episode I interview my friend Sid Clevinger. A man who went from a beautiful home making great money and doing well in life, to losing it all in a matter... more

Forgiveness is very hard for many of us to deal with. Human nature for the most part doesn't allow for us to automatically see the fault in our thinking and move on with a relationship that may have been severed do to a wrong doing. We often... more

All of us have mastered the art of quitting at one point in our lives. Its whether we choose to live on that path or not that truly separates who we are. Sometimes we need to reach out to other people who have been there to get a hand up.... more

You cannot operate property if you're going 70 mph in the fast lane while focusing on the cars going 50 in the. slow lane. But yet in a lot of cases we have people who focus on what is going on around them and not what is ahead o them.... more

Its very easy on a day to day basis to take for granted the things that other people do. My California trip with my toddlers was a stark reminder of how much Shannon does to help keep our household balanced. Things seem to run... more

Traveling with kids is one of the most stressful things I have done to date. Not just any kids, my two toddlers. Four and a half hours on an airplane with two little terrorist was something I was not quite prepared for. In this episode I talk about... more

Being in Jeffs shoes is not always an easy task. Over the years he has had to do some pretty wild stuff. All of it done with no complaints. This podcast goes over just a few of those things he has had to do that is above any beyond.... more

A lot of us hinder ourselves with out even meaning to. We create roadblocks in our own mind and tend to tell ourselves that we have failed with out even trying. If we would simply get out of our own way for once we would find that things... more