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Alternative Media w/ all it's diversity!! You may, or not, hear about these topics on MSM!!! Our line-up includes 'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander (Monday) ------'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio' (Tuesday)------'Progress Toward Democracy' w/ Brian Stetten & Ruthann RA Amarteifio (Tuesday)-----'Gather Round' w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio & Sarit Jacobsohn & Rick Schmidt (Wednesday)------ We will also include timely specials!

On-Demand Episodes

"Bits and Bobs" ---From 'Greenies' to 'Flash Updates'---throwing simple living in the mix, RA begins the new year! Gwendolyn Holden Barry, www.daughtersofisis.com, www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters, returns to... more

1st hr.-----'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio' Steve McManus, www.northernpsychics.com, returns to talk with RA----- We'll be ranging across the board----from spirituality to politics, from MSM divisiveness to education, from... more

1st hr.----'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander' 2nd hr.---'The Dialogue' XAl Suarez, political commentator and social activist, is back as Stewart Alexander's guest, coming into the New Year. Stewart and Al will discuss: 'The Unfinished Business... more

'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio' returns on 6 January----- 'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten & Ruthann RA Amarteifio' In the first quarter hour, Brian Stetten speaks of whether he believes class consciousness can be... more

'Feed Your Head' is off tonight. Catch RA (Ruthann Amarteifio) over at 'Here-Be-Monsters on BTR for 'The Ceremony' with Gwendolyn Holden Barry and others as we celebrate the Winter Solstice!! "Progress Toward Democrcy... more

'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander' returns next week, 29 December--- "The Dialogue" is a 2 hr. Special tonight! It's SOLSTICE time------Winter in the NoHem, and Summer in the SoHem---- What is Solstice? Why is it so important to the... more

Last 'Gather Round' of the Year---- 'Bits and Bobs' ---RA has 'Flash Updates', 'Greenies', simple living hacks, and last-of-the-year thoughts---- Gwendolyn Holden Barry, http://www.daughtersofisis.com, and 'Here-Be-Monsters' right here... more

'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio' is postponed for tonight!!! 'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann RA Amarteifio' X 'Progress Toward Democracy'----- Saturday Night Fever! How America's 1% waged the... more

'Left Turn w/ Stewart Alexander' returns 29 December--- We have a SPECIAL 2-HR. SHOW tonight on "THE DIALOGUE" "ATLANTIS: The Albanian Connection." All the world over, do we crave to celebrate the winter as a... more

"Bits and Bobs" gets us started off-----RA talks of Simple Living, Flash Updates, Greenies, and more---- At 20 min. past the hour, RA is joined by Susan Marie-------https://www.facebook.com/groups/SusanMarie/----Susan Marie Public... more