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"Make A Difference" Alan Maki and Debra Suddock Maki and guest Stewart Alexander discuss current events, from health care to education and more----- They also have more information about the up-coming meeting in August of... more

Stewart Alexander, Alan Maki, Debra Suddock Maki, and Matt Owen on a topic that affects everyong---- "Seniors: Retirement, Social Security, Medicare, and Aging in the U.S." Whether or not you have reached this age, you do know... more

Alan Maki and Debra Suddock Maki have been exploring our past. "Hidden History: Cold War"------1st in a continuing series! How is the past affecting what is going on in the world right now? The working class is speaking! FB: Left... more

'Imperialism: What It Is and How It Is A Threat To The Global Community' Stewart Alexander is joined by regular panelists Alan Maki, Debra Suddock Maki, and Matt Owen for a discussion on the perils of imperialism----- Views from the real Left!!... more

Alan Maki and Debra Suddock Maki are talking about the 1st Annual Meeting of Socialists Connection Action Network, with Stewart Alexander. The meeting will be held in August, in Austin, Texas----- Here's the real deal from the working... more

"Ludite or All New Trendy?" Dawn Cheney and Ruthann Amarteifio discussfinding the place between, the place of comfort! Do you wish to go back to the "good ole' days"? Or are you wanting to throw out the past and start fresh? Thoughts on... more

An hour of real Left ideas! Each of the four panelists will present a topic for a short discusion----ranging from the different types of Socialism to the lame Congress in the U.S. Stewart Alexander, Alan Maki, and Debra Suddock Maki.... more

Darrell Rankin joins hosts Alan Maki and Debra Suddock Maki as they discuss current issues from a working class perspective. Darrell is a member of the Communist Party of Canada. He is quite active in building solidarity with the... more

"Trump's Trade Wars: Benefitting Wall Street, Hurting Working People" A panel from Soc CAN takes the topic on! Stewart Alexander, Alan Maki, Debra Suddock Maki, and Matt Owen come at this from a real Left perspective! The attack... more