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"What Is Happy?" Dawn Cheney, www.awakeningdesigns.com and on FB 'Transformational Light Designs'------ and Ruthann Amarteifio, on FB at Air Amarteifio Radio and New Aeon Church International, are your hosts---- Today we are scrutinizing the common word happy. "She makes me happy"---"This new car makes me happy"---"If I get that job, I'll be happy". How true is it that material things bring happiness? And how long does it last? Is there a deeper emotion that satisfies much more, or not?? We'll be examining our thoughts on the topic----Listen and see what you think (feel) about it!!
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Lights Out, people---- Do you have FOMO? Is it painful? How to rid ourselves of it! Where does the number 20 fit into our busy lives? David at the racetrack, our furry roomies, lilacs budding , etc. Ruthann Amarteifio and David Allan Hurst... more

Our guest host Max Petkiewicz, a student at Cleveland State, says Trump is a symptom of capitlism---- His presidency is making it more clear than ever before what the real priorities of the bourgeoisie really are: Making more... more

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David Allan Hurst is joined by Breadfoot, a one-man band whose idiosyncratic take on life has influences from the Sherman Brothers to Neil Young. These fuel his style of Tin Pan Folk and Americana---- Breadfoot takes his whiskey... more

Guest host Al Suarez is joined by Rafael (Ray) Suarez, former anchor on NPR, and Al Jazeera. Under discussion is the release of Puerto Rican independence fighter and political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Hear the pros and cons of... more

Clifton Roberts, www.cliftonroberts.org, is Ruthann Amarteifio's guest---- Clifton first ran for US president on the Humane Party ticket in 2016. He will be running again in 2020----- The discussion will cover the vegan lifestyle---how he first got... more

Brian Stetten welcomes back (Nicholas) Sandy Davies, anti-war activist and prolific writer of msny articles. He is also the author of "Blood On Our Hands" Under discussion will be war w/ Iran, the bizarre narrative of the corporate media... more

David Allan Hurst and Ruthann Amarteifio are doing the 'spring cleaning'---- Spring is close to being sprung, the clock jumps ahead, and it's time to clear out the stagnation from winter---- So, how do we do that? We'll share some of our... more