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Define, discuss and review research surrounding wellness and health topics! Understanding that the free market was first to define wellness and how government subsidies have undermined Americas Health.

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Tune in to find out - inspired by Nancy Pelos

Analogies are great as I suppose it helps us connect multiple things and supposedly clarify...clear as mud. However, I couldnt help but think how the current inflammatory fire in America came to be. It is not only intertwined with... more

The Senate bill passed to address mental health issues includes hiring more psychiatrists as part of the new mental health bill. Why it will fail in "helping". I am literally floored that peple do not have this figured out yet. Similar to an article... more

Tune in to listen to why the psychological process may be a problem in assessing the condition of soldiers. This and Government Nerd alert Ads. Vacuum up the floor for Asthma or dancing for Arthritis….omg this is the pretense of help,... more

Rush Limbaugh discussed the passing of his co-worker and friend Chris Carson. I want to share, not exploit, my thoughts on his condition. I also want to talk about why there is so much ignorance surrounding disease states. There is so much... more

Mr. Beck acknowledges food makes us sick but misses the mark! Why is this inflammatory so hard for people to understand?

OK, gloves off, lets go. What is wrong with this generation? Tune in to find out the right way to think about another assault from the proverbial cancer cells on the left.

What is fair, what is just, what is equal? Why do so many miss the mark? Why do people think diversity (i.e. the clashing and chatotic mixing) is a good thing? They think so because (other than those who abuse it to gain a political edge) it... more

How is the great U.S.A. being led towards tyranny so easily? Like taking candy from a baby. The answer is conditioning. The citizens of the USA have been led to believe they are guilty for, well "everything." Conditioning from the press,... more

A recent article revealed Glenn Beck's recent health problems and the wrongly applied solution is always applied....anything but the right solution. Tune in to find out what it is.