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Define, discuss and review research surrounding wellness and health topics! Understanding that the free market was first to define wellness and how government subsidies have undermined Americas Health.

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We all know the great speech. Soooo... I have a different twist on this time in history and why the decisions we make in the next year will be crucial !

So why do you think horse therapy helps with lets say ....PTSD? You would have to understand where PTSD comes from and what this sort of therapy is doing at the hormonal level. So tune in to find out what would really help not only... more

One in 68 are now diagnosed with Autism, up 30% from just two years ago. In short chronic and auto immune disease is skyrocketing. So why? Not generally why but, scientifically why, and not the pseudo science of combining statistical... more

The true equal is by fostering the unequal from societal perspective. The sure fire way to get it as close to the equal as possible creating a Win-Win scenario. As esoteric as that may sound (read)...I have a point. There is a way to get it as... more

A recent article reports DPA in Fish Oil may be beneficial to your health. But is it true or another phantom derived by associartive thought? This is why we have the master brain that derived the comprehensive science. Also robots to help out... more

The one major component of learning is the actual ability to learn. So what is that common core "thing" that does that? Its not a method, its not a style nor is it another way of looking at a problem. Lets take a look at what is required to... more

Things are bad...the economy, health, and the move towards government largesse. So what is the real reason for all of this and what is the offset or dare I say solution, if any?

Join me to discuss a comparison of the ideal state of health care vs. the current notion and acceptance of modern medicine. The show will include a nerd alert report on the Dr Bob Martin show including his general confusion on blood tests... more

When does th tipping point occur for our collective national health? It's pretty clear we have more obese individuals, as a percentage, than ever before. Maybe it's just cosmetic or maybe ther is, dare I say a cause. Everyone seems to be an... more

What if you knew the exact reason for things without generilation, association and the like? Now what if you could apply that knowledge with relative ease? I suppose you would if you were pursuing excellence. That is a lot of what... more