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Define, discuss and review research surrounding wellness and health topics! Understanding that the free market was first to define wellness and how government subsidies have undermined Americas Health.

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This show demonstrates how ignorant Michael Medved is when it comes to wellness and well most everything else. He supports a tax on soft drinks, but not other high glycemic items like pasta and cookies. He therefore, does not even... more

Would you like Scar tissue or Resolved tissue, I hope you choose the latter. The new revolution in Human Biology will occur enmass when people learn how to harness the power of Resolution, Amp Kinase Activation, Telemorase... more

The never ending battle of ideas on supplements. But there is a victor, if you know how to think like a biochenist and not a bullet point lister. With "better Absorbability" as Krills only "claim" to fame, its an easy choice. Tune in to find... more

How can it be that the purest least oxidized fish oil in the world not be on labdoor.com's list of best fish oil? That Fish Oil is OmegaRX from zonediet.com. Looks like politics or shear incompetence to me. And finally the statement below... more

People today want guarantees, so much so they want, not only pledges, but accountability for others actions. Instead of asking others for help and practicing their own pursuits, when they want a document to force everyone in on the... more

So most know that cycles govern the majority of their daily lives from routine, day and night, etc. Unfortunately, the politicians and elites score last in affecting changem but appear to have the majority of sway. Join me to discuss the... more

From Aubey DeGrey, to Harvard Sinclair and now Calico, the big boys are apparantly forgetting the Lions share of aging has been uncovered and is being conquered with innovative products right now. Join in for the Game Changing... more

Berkshires shareholder meeting revealed a question on why Warren invests in Coke products considering the health related risks. Lets explore why they are looking to the Oracle for science-based advice and not taking personal... more

I am amazed at how people are amazed at what they consider as biological or health related achievements. And of course rthey are wrong about what should be considered "ground-breaking". But what is ground breaking and why? Are we... more

Let's talk brass tax about this Diet Shhtuff