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Why Current Day Muslims Are in Disarray ?

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Ahmadiyyat The True Islam

Ahmadiyyat The True Islam


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Indeed, when the name of Islam is used, the general impression in this present era is, naturally, of fear. This is not the fault of those who are frightened.

Unfortunately, certain so-called Islamic groups, and certain others, have depicted Islam in such a way that it appears to be an uncivilized, extremist, belligerent and bellicose religion.

Just hearing the name of Islam leads to an impression of swords, bombings and suicide attacks.

Muslim countries need to understand their responsibilities. In Muslim countries where there is apparent peace, there too Muslim is killing Muslim. If the government passes sentence on any leader, his sympathisers rise in revolt and start a murdering spree. What kind of Islam is this? Cruelty and barbarity is at its height in Muslim countries or Muslims are embroiled in it in the name of Islam. Whereas God has stated that the sign of a true believer is that due to his connection with God, his connection with creation is strong, especially Muslims are like brothers among themselves. In his Farewell Sermon, the Holy Prophet(saw) said: ‘Even as this month is sacred, this land inviolate, and this day holy, so has God made the lives, property and honour of every man sacred. O people! you will surely meet your Lord soon and He will ask you of your works. Do not become disbelievers once again after me lest you start killing each other. What I have said to you, you should communicate to the ends of the earth Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih prayed that may we increase our mutual love and compassion and become that community which the Promised Messiah(as) wished to make, in light of the sayings of the Holy Prophet(saw). And may the Ahmadiyya Community also become the guarantor of world peace. May the Muslims accept the Promised Messiah(as) and understand the significance of mutual love.

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