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Existence of God - Part II

  • Broadcast in Islam
Ahmadiyyat The True Islam

Ahmadiyyat The True Islam


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The searing and noxious winds of materialism have reduced every orchard of faith to ashes. If anyone seeks verity of this claim, I can adduce such evidence that cannot be denied by any fair-minded person. To those who doubt it, I will ask just one question: After analysing the state of their own hearts and of their fellows, can they honestly say that they all truly believe in God? I speak not of superficial or inherited ritual, but of true and living faith. Do they feel and experience the existence of God as they feel and experience the material and tangible things of this world? Are they as certain about the existence of God as they are about the existence of the sun, the moon, the mountains, the rivers, their houses, their ancestors, and their friends? If not, then understand it well that we cannot consider their faith to be true. They are not in the least certain about the existence of God, and can be 
likened to those who hold on to a zombie imagining it to be alive.

True faith, in short, is conspicuous by its absence in the present age. Not only is it absent from the hearts of the masses, but those who profess to be the leaders of religion and claim to be custodians of people’s faith have themselves fallen prey to atheism. They either deceive the world or are themselves deceived. Their lips profess but their hearts are empty. When it comes to spirituality, the world has indeed fallen into an abyss of darkness and there is not the tiniest, flicker to guide a staggering and stumbling wayfarer. 

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