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A show for the sales professional that showcases provocative and interesting issues facing the sales profession/sales professional today. Sharing "best practices" and helpful tips for ALL salespeople regardless of industry.

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My thoughts on last night's show "Hands On" or "Hands Off"...which offers the best management results"? This is a somewhat complex subject because both leadership styles offers plusses & minuses when it comes to leading people.... more

Are you a micro-manager or "macro-manager"? Which management style offers the best "Leadership"? Most would probably say a combination of the two would signal the best results....however that would depend upon the immediate... more

Tonight's show I provide my thoughts and solutions on how to build a "Global" training infrasture that's effective, efficient, turnkey, and measurable in terms of driving sales business. Having lived abroad I've had the blessed opportunity to... more

Tonight's show is my 2 cents on the importance of the "On-boarding" process of new salespeople and why it's the most critical time for the representative....and company. Often times we see just a slapped together process that's... more

Properly bringing onboard a new sales representative is the #1 important thing any company can do to potentially ensure the success of that new sales employee. Yet, many companies fail to build an onboarding structure that's... more

The word "Networking" has become a part of our everyday nomenclature and an activity that many have varying views on. Our show will walk you through 5 ways to build a powerful network this year 2012, many sales professionals are... more

Tonight I'll be imparting my thoughts on why "Sales Training" always gets placed aside as "over-head" rather than prioritized as critical. Having an extensive background in training myself I can appreciate the importance training has on... more

Everyone agrees training to do almost anything in life is critical. No one jumps out of the womb being a qualified physician, lawyer, teacher....salesperson so why is training routinely placed on the back burner? The process of "Training"... more

Tonight is my thoughts on being a "Mentor" for our youth. I am a "Big Brother" and I cannot tell you how much personal satisfaction and humilty I receive from being a "Big Brother"...and so I'd like to share that experience with you. Thank... more

In keeping with the theme of the last few shows we're going to focus on "Mentorship" and how that word is synonymous to "Leadership". Giving back to the community is something we should all aspire to do, but, when it comes to... more