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David and Stephanie Tippie, founders of the Anti-Aging Clinic are all about natural alternatives! Both are Nature-O-Paths (followers of the Laws of Nature) as well as medical researchers, active in the research field for 25 years. They are the creators of the ‘8 Steps to Aging Younger’ program; empowering their clients to make better choices for health, hormone balancing, beauty and longevity. Their extensive research has lead to numerous natural alternatives to mainstream medical protocols and these alternatives work by ultimately bringing the body back into balance. The Tippies have also combined forces to create and formulate many state of the art health and beauty products and protocols. It is their belief that without prevention- we are all destined to age earlier. David and Stephanie counsel both Domestic and International clients, assisting people worldwide in preventing illness and disease- and educating on how best to Age Younger.

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Tim Kellis, renowned Wall Street analyst and founder of, is the author of “Equality: The Quest for the Happy Marriage”. Through personal tragedy and a successful professional career Tim has finally solved the marriage... more

1962 was the birth of biomagnetism with the first magnetic cardiogram by Baule along with McFee. This led to the invention of the MRI, and other medical magnetic resonance instruments, as we know today.... more

The century mark in birthdays has always been a cause for notice in our society. Willard Scott announcing on the NBC’s Today Show, families having lavish parties for their centurion loved one and a fact checkers always looking for the oldest... more

The Aging Younger Show where the alternatives matter. Join Jill Dahne who is the #1 Love Psychic in the World", as quoted in the book 100 Top Psychics. Dateline NBC says "Jill is so on target with her predictions, we were amazed."... more

Since childhood, Halley's psychic abilities have been astounding. Halley has correctly predicted events and happenings, helped people locate lost loved ones, and even saved lives! Throughout the years, she has worked with various Law... more

The Aging Younger Show where the alternatives matter Why do bacteria, microbes and virus enter your body and cause you such pain, suffering, disease and even death? Because you make them feel comfortable and at home in... more

Can Nutraceuticals and lifestyle alter Disease such as Multiple Sclerosis? So that we conform to the FDA & FTC requirements placed on non-pharmaceutical Nutraceutical products, we make no claim of treatment or cure. The body is a... more

Very few people realize that the worst epidemic ever to hit America, which was the Spanish Influenza of 1918 was actually the after effect of the massive nation-wide vaccine campaign. The doctors told the people that the disease was... more

The Aging Younger Show where the alternatives matter. On Wednesday April 29th, the World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert level to five on its six-level threat scale, which means they've determined that the virus is capable... more

The Aging Younger Show where the alternatives matter. Without prevention we are destined to age earlier, we do not have to sit idly by and let it steal our youth. We educate our listeners and empower them to prevent illness and disease... more
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