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Doctor Quack wants to cut off healthy breasts, for MONEY

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One story I can tell you that came to me by email from a friend:  Back in the late sixties or early seventies, my mother's doctor found lumps in her breasts (the normal kind, as it turned out) and told her she should have both breasts removed.  She would have been in her early fifties.  No further tests just have them removed he said to her.  My friend said, I went into orbit upon hearing that as did my dad, and we went for a second opinion.  The second doctor told her she was a perfectly normal woman and not to let anyone get near her with a knife! 

It seems that their good (past) doctor who recommended the double mastectomy saw lots of dollar signs from the kind of insurance plans Dad carried.  Eventually, the AMA stepped-in and told that doctor that if he removed one more set of healthy tonsils or appendices, he would be barred.  Doctor quacksalver was lucky to have escaped with his life, given my dad's rage stated my friend.  He went on to say that his wonderful mother lived into her eighties and died with two still-healthy breasts.  

Lesson learned that with each passing day, "follow the money" becomes a clearer and most believable concept; we report the news, you decide.  

We are going to discuss why Cancer is not the Disease, but only the symptom of it. AND Collapse of Drugs Due to Wellness.