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How are we to really know God – if there are so many different faces of God reflected in multiple names of God--the vengeful God, the judging God, the merciful God? 
Until now, Rabbi Dosick says, we have been limited by the fact that none of the names of God that we know from the Bible — nor any of the names by which God is later identified and known — is God’s real Name. Every God-name reflects only one of God’s aspects, attributes, or characteristics. None has embodied the wholeness, the totality, the full Essence of God.
By challenging long-held, comfortable beliefs, by re-imagining and re- translating the biblical text, and by combining quality scholarship with sacred spirit, Rabbi Dosick can now reveal the real Name of God that has been hiding from us for all these years — right in plain sight in the Bible. In fact, the Name appears 359 times.
The real Name of God leads to the revolutionary revelation of the God of the universe, and the Inner God of breath and soul—the intimate and the infinite, the individual and the indivisible. 
Rabbi Dosick maintains in The Real Name of God that God is actually the Everything of the Everything, containing both genders, and all the seeming contradictions and mysteries of the universe. The real Name of God is shared by all three biblically-sourced religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, affirming our Oneness — One God. One World. One People.
By realizing and embracing our oneness, we can now open ourselves to a life of communion with fellow human beings, and help stem the destructive power of divisiveness. Embracing the Real Name of God, Rabbi Dosick maintains, we take the first steps toward a kinder, gentler, more peaceful world.