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Mercury toxicity equates to disease

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Mercury toxicity equates to poor urine or stool collection: metallic mercury evaporates at room temperature and becomes a gas that is invisible, has no taste and no odor. It slips through any crack in any container. It is also chemically aggressive and will react with most plastics or even slip through the wall of the container and can be detected on the outside. In dentistry it is known that metallic Hg, liberated when fillings are removed, freely passes through 6 layers of latex into the skin of the dentist. Washing the container with nitric acid has shown some benefit. Other compounds of mercury present in hair, urine or stool may react in unpredictable ways.
mercury is stored in different ionic forms:
Hg 0 = metallic mercury
Hg + = Hg-salts
Hg ++= organic Hg
Hg has been called "the great imitator". There is virtually no medical condition that has not been caused by Hg or is not aggravated by it.