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Let's Talk About The Entitlement Crowd

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First off: "Entitlements" usually include Social Security, if you are speaking to a Democrat, but it certainly is not an Entitlement; you worked and paid for that all your adult life. Medicaid is an Entitlement and NOT Medicare that the Democrats want to confuse you with, by stating the Republicans want to do away with Medicare.
Section Eight housing and food stamps and those types of things are Entitlements. The REAL reason that politicians don't mess with "entitlements" is because millions of people are taking advantage of them and are Democrat voters. 
Democrat Senators consider entitlements to be the "third rail" of politics -- touch it, and you kill your political future. 
EVERYTHING you ask about is political -- the budget, entitlements, projections, everything. The politicians on each side CLAIM to use scientific methods (and usually, the science is pretty good), but WHICH science they use is politically determined.Our group will undertake this discussion next Thursday September 20, 2012 at 11:AM Eastern Standard Time on the radio program President 2012, Patriot or Puppet for billionaires.