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The Aging Younger Show where the alternatives matter Why do bacteria, microbes and virus enter your body and cause you such pain, suffering, disease and even death? Because you make them feel comfortable and at home in your body by producing the best environment possible for them to survive and thrive. Of course this means you are making poor choices for your health and in doing so you are producing the environment of choice for these dangerous and un-wanted pathogens. It is truly amazing how simple a simple lifestyle change can rid your body of these pathogens; but what people find difficult is the consistency of the change. There is no fairytale magic pill from the drug companies or a one size fit all quick solution but there are things that you can do for yourself that will prove to be much more satisfying than the poor habits you have developed at this time. Your body is an amazing thing and it will absolutely heal itself as long as you provide the tools it needs to do so. Good health and longevity is all about the choices you make. To date, most people guide themselves on pleasure and fear; they leave out the intelligence that should be used first. If it looks good and tastes good we eat it or do it and only think of change when we are introduced to fear. Fear in the form of a symptom of illness or disease is then when we run to the doctor and get him or her to mask the symptom with drugs and make us think we are all better, when in fact the underlying problem still exists. Disease or illness did not start the day before we notice the symptom, it started years earlier because of our poor choices. Listen to our program on Wednesday 9th at 6:PM and learn what choices we are speaking of.