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New Year, Start as an Agent today

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 the 3 important Papers we have as club colleagues, The VOW, The Power of AGENT and The Agent/AGENT Brief, and why each is important.

Public Employee (PE).  Government is merely a collection of public employees.  de-mystify the esoteric nature of government.  they are a group of people.  your neighbor, your friend.  

Legal law is correct.  The public employees are excercising a complicated system of codes and statutes that are easy to break down.  99% of those rules are for the public employees, not you.  

The people, you.  The public employee is there to help you obtain sustenance for the living free. 

We must begin to educate the public employees on their duties and the ways in which they are not allowed to operate.  the PE is there to assist you.  the PE does not have extra special authority.  the PE gets its power from the people.  we must hole the PE accountable for any actions taken outside of their authority and outside of their restricted duties to serve the people.

Priveledges and benefits are provided by government and public employees.  Government has a duty to protect the natural resources by the PE for the benefit of the people.

Uphold the Vow as universal principals of law.

Power of Agent (power of attorney) for each other to exercise legal responsibilities.

Agent Brief - a proper document identifying you the adambeing and the commercial entity franchise.

Tax Return is crucial for becoming a the true creditor in this world within the legal commerce system.

USA Franchise-Entity-Commerical-Citizen.You operate a state citizen-ship first, then a federal citizen-ship second. We must reverse the comprehension of this status with ourselves and the public employee.