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'Thought provoking, provocative, insatiable & entertaining.......' AfterHourz Radio is a unique, interactive discussion forum, catering to adults willing to allow their ears the indulgence of all things taboo. If Penthouse courted the Oprah Show, AfterHourz Radio would be their greatest love child! Love, Dating, Relationship, Sex or just the popular story of the day: AfterHourz Radio is your room to come bare as you dare, and leave desiring for more. So open the door and step right in and join Nigel and Sherri, each & every Wednesday at 10pm to listen, call in or talk in our private chatroom.

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Is snooping EVER good for your relationship? Does it show signs of insecurity....does it let your partner know you don't trust them? If your partner isn't hiding any thing, why should there be an issue? Well this is what many are... more

B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, what does your Bible tell you when it comes to sex? What does your Pastor tell you when it comes to sex? I always get a kick out of "religious" people (who I will separate from true... more

They say you're never suppose to eat where you shit.....but there are some couples that makes it work! How do you handle the rumors? The jealous colleagues? What happens when there's an argument at home and it goes into... more

Of course women are like "what kind of question is this, of course we do?!" Well ladies, surprisingly, this is how some men feel. It's like finding a Black woman that has something going on AND has a good heart, not looking to date men... more

Well, well, well........the age old question, "Where are the GOOD Black Men?" With so much negativity out here in social media, television and the stats society puts out, you would think GOOD Black men no longer exist. Of course, you've... more

Do you think this is something you can handle? Last week, we had an adult film star on the show who has been in a committed relationship for a few years now. Many of us wondered how that works out knowing your man is sleeping... more

I use to always hear the crazy stories of couples getting creative when it came to having sex because of their kids. Not to mention, the parents getting caught in the act! I use to always think to myself "put them to sleep and do the do! What's so... more

How's the dating scene in your city? I've visted other places when I was single and thought "wow, this is NOTHING like South Florida!" Not saying that there's not much "dating" going on here, but because this is such a party city, not... more

.....some people hate it, and then you have those like myself, who LOVES it! I thank the Heaves for this stuff right here, but not too many people can stomach everything that comes with the "adult film" industry. Some say it's degrading to... more