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'Thought provoking, provocative, insatiable & entertaining.......' The show gives listeners a chance to discuss adult matters while keeping their professional and personal lives separate. After Hourz is for the mature, professional adult looking for like-minded individuals to engage in discussion and enjoy each other’s company. Even though our name is After Hourz, we are dedicated to healthy adult relationships and keeping it hot around the clock. Sex, Love, Dating, Intimacy, Relationships.....we discuss it all and promote positive relationships starting with yourself. From a loyal listener: If you haven't before, I beg you to listen to my new friends & the most inspirational couple I know, on their blog radio which airs every Wednesday at 10pm. They are not only thought provoking...they are provocative, insatiable & entertaining. If you ever thought it, but was scared to talk it...they do...& they invite you to share your thoughts with their weekly guest....It is a version of urban radio that takes all that's taboo, & put it all on the table for us to share. Check out Sherri & Nigel's After Hourz ...and no, they are not paying me...I love & support what they do....10pm every Wednesday.. Also, join the chat room....It's hilarious!

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How's the dating scene in your city? I've visted other places when I was single and thought "wow, this is NOTHING like South Florida!" Not saying that there's not much "dating" going on here, but because this is such a party city, not... more

.....some people hate it, and then you have those like myself, who LOVES it! I thank the Heaves for this stuff right here, but not too many people can stomach everything that comes with the "adult film" industry. Some say it's degrading to... more

Everybody knows as adults, we need and sometimes crave companionship.....actually studies have shown it's important for kids to see their parents in healthy relationships. I can't argue with that. But it can be difficult for... more

It's funny how many heterosexuals ask this question to other heterosexuals and when they get an honest answer from a homosexual, they don't buy their story. Have you ever heard the saying 'It's hard for you to understand... more

...........When You Can Get the Milk for Free? Y'all know that saying, right? Well we know times have changed and not every woman is looking to settle down and marry. And then you have those lying to themselves saying they don't want... more

Is snooping EVER good for your relationship? Does it show signs of insecurity....does it let your partner know you don't trust them? If your partner isn't hiding any thing, why should there be an issue? Well this is what many are... more

Of course we're all rabbits in our early 20's, some even blessed to keep it going well into their 30's, 40's, 50's and so on. But study shows that women often experience a decrease in their libido after having kids......along with stress from... more

B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.......what does your Bible tell you when it comes to sex? What does your Pastor tell you when it comes to sex? I always get a kick out of "religious" people (who I will separate from true... more

I've seen many talk shows with couples who engage in the swinging lifestyle and being someone who isn't interested in it, I could never understand why couples would swap mates. I never looked at it that one wasn't satisfied in... more

Okay, we had a show where we discussed men and women being friends. And we all pretty much agreed that they can. Now that we have THAT out of the way, when you're in a committed relationship or married, are there any rules when it... more