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'Thought provoking, provocative, insatiable & entertaining.......' AfterHourz Radio is a unique, interactive discussion forum, catering to adults willing to allow their ears the indulgence of all things taboo. If Penthouse courted the Oprah Show, AfterHourz Radio would be their greatest love child! Love, Dating, Relationship, Sex or just the popular story of the day: AfterHourz Radio is your room to come bare as you dare, and leave desiring for more. So open the door and step right in and join Nigel and Sherri, each & every Wednesday at 10pm to listen, call in or talk in our private chatroom.

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In 2014, women still can't do things men can without being ridiculed and the same goes for men. Imagine two men dancing on each other at a nightclub....awkward, right? Well if it's not a gay club, but women do it all the time. A man can have... more

.......is it possible? Okay, we've discussed maintaining healthy relationships on here, but never once have we discussed rebuilding a once healthy relationship. I'm not talking about a relationship that never had legs to stand on....NO, I'm... more

Okay, so you've been with your significant other for some time now, and your mate wants to spice up your sex life, BUT you find their fantasy to be a tad bit too outrageous for you. What do you do? There's that old saying "what you won't... more

Did you know that there are women who have never experienced an orgasm? You may be one of them and this is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's not like our mothers or gynecologists teach us how to achieve one of the greatest feelings... more

People still have an issue with people loving who they want to love? Obviously so, because when I contacted this week's special guest, spoken word artist, Alabama Blakk, he had a lot to say about the topic! See, growing up in the South... more

I'm SO excited to have this special guest on our show this Wednesday! She's intelligent, vibrant, personable and well of course, very sexual ;-) Remember her name because you'll be hearing it a lot more, very soon! CATHRYN MARIE... more

Of course there are times when you're in the mood but your partner isn't.....and vice versa. What happens when this becomes the norm? What do you do when your partner ALWAYS turn you down for sex, no becomes their... more

Well do they? Many say no, others say a curfew is necessary, but what do YOU say? Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner insisted that you be home at a certain time? Or do you place a curfew on your partner? Do curfews... more

After Hourz Radio will be broadcasting live! If you're in the South Florida area, meet us on the "purple" carpet so we can discuss HAIR CARE, SKIN CARE, BEAUTY and find out what our men REALLY think when we go natural! Yep,... more

This Let's talk sex with people who know a thing or two about a thing or two. Let sjust say they are experienced.... We'll call them "seasoned".