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'Thought provoking, provocative, insatiable & entertaining.......' AfterHourz Radio is a unique, interactive discussion forum, catering to adults willing to allow their ears the indulgence of all things taboo. If Penthouse courted the Oprah Show, AfterHourz Radio would be their greatest love child! Love, Dating, Relationship, Sex or just the popular story of the day: AfterHourz Radio is your room to come bare as you dare, and leave desiring for more. So open the door and step right in and join Nigel and Sherri, each & every Wednesday at 10pm to listen, call in or talk in our private chatroom.

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As women, we want and deserve to have the same rights (and respect) as men. I don't care what anyone thinks; we birth males, there's absolutely no reason why my son (or any male) should have more rights than I do! The hell?... more

Calm need to fret my friend, we're talking oral sex this time, your anus is safe. For now :) This Wednesday, join us as we chit chat in the studio about our 2nd favorite "O" word......yes, ORAL! Sex that is! What's sex without oral? Can... more

We're discussing it all, from the stigma of "curvy" women in America, dating as a plus-sized woman, insecurities, fashion, confidence, sex (of course, this IS AfterHourz Radio) and more! Join us this Wednesday at 10p EST with special... more

Definitely a topic none of us really want to talk about.....but something that needs to be discussed. So much needs to be said that can't fit into a paragraph.I encourage everyone to tune in, even if you've never experienced abuse in a... more

Well we sort of, kind of......yeah we totally went off topic last week, so to please the people (yes, you asked for it), we're back at again this Wednesday at 10p EST! This time we have one of our favorite comedians, the oh so CRAZY, Mr.... more

This episode is definitely for the ladies, but fellas, trust me, you want to tune in as well! According to statistics, 30% of women never achieve an orgasm during sex (I personally think it's more than 30%, but okay) fellas, she's lying!... more

The uninhibited woman......does she scare men? We know the definition of "uninhibited" but what does that mean to the average man? Men can be uninhibited creatures and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that....but a... more

Men, you ever wanted to know what women REALLY think when you cum too quick? What about when the size of a man's does not add up to his ego? Yeah, she's talking shit about you and now all of her girls know too! (I'm just... more

In 2014, women still can't do things men can without being ridiculed and the same goes for men. Imagine two men dancing on each other at a nightclub....awkward, right? Well if it's not a gay club, but women do it all the time. A man can have... more it possible? Okay, we've discussed maintaining healthy relationships on here, but never once have we discussed rebuilding a once healthy relationship. I'm not talking about a relationship that never had legs to stand on....NO, I'm... more