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A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities. Afronerd Radio airs regularly on Wednesday & Sunday at 7pm eastern. The Comic Shoppe featuring Daryll B which highlights sci fi, fantasy and pop culture airs Tuesday at 7pm eastern.

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Well if you're looking (or listening) for one last hurrah before the summer officially ends and school and the fall season star, why not listen to Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse broadcast, airing this Saturday at 6pm EST? Join Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt as they borrow the keys to Fred's "Mystery Machine" in order to anaylze this week's latest conundrums: actor/comedian/rapper, Donald Glover appears to have gotten his Spiderman wish ; has Wesley Snipes really been confirmed to revisit the Blade franchise for a cool 3 mill plus?; and speaking of reboots, our thoughts on Fox rebooting The Greatest American Hero series; Dburt and Comics Alliance's Chris Sims are both asking about the skewed trajectory of one of DC's original characters, Cassandra Cain (Batgirl); Spike Lee has a new comic but the crew must ask what is the overall end game for celebrity created comic books?; and how cool is it that the Black Nerd Problems site has dubbed the Afropunk festival the new "Wakanda" (we can dig it); and lastly, what would the crew like to see character development-wise in mainstream Black comic characters (Falcon, Panther, Storm, Black Lightning, Cage,etc)? Call live at 646-915-9620. And in a display of designated hitter status, airs at 7pm. The topics on the table are: cleaning up some of the issues we failed to address during the last show (i.e. the #iftheygunnedmedown campaign, Kevin Sorbo rant; Megyn Kelly vs Bill O'reilly on White privilege, Mo'ne Davis); is that a budding "afronerd" we see in a car seat viral video? (how exasperating!) ; 71 yr old bodybuilder, Sonny Bryant reminds Dburt that it's time for Operation:Rebirth and our thoughts on the N-word being used on the front page of an Egyptian newspaper.
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