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Black sexuality is political. It’s the merging of what we have been told we are with what we should become. It’s repressed, unhealthy beliefs and practices wrapped up in a need to express ourselves, our culture, and our unique identity in the arms of the one we crave most. AfroerotiK is . . . is the podcast that explores how we came to form the perceptions we have about our bodies and our sexuality, about gender, concepts of masculinity and femininity and that challenges the listener to rethink what we know to be true and replace our outmoded ways of thinking with ways that celebrate our earth-given right to pleasure, sensuality, and bliss.

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How many of us are ashamed of our sexuality? We think that what we like, desire, fantasize about is different, extreme, and dirty in comparison to what society tells us is acceptable. We don't want to express our true desires... more

What is Tantra? Sexual energy is a feminine force, the raw creative life force of the universe. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, every individual runs both masculine and feminine energies within. When you increase the flow of... more

This is a rebroadcast of one of the very first AfroerotiK is podcasts that shares a special story about how a man decides to shower romance on his lovely wife. Sit back, light a candle, and enjoy. This is straight up storytelling, in the tradition of... more

There is power in our sexuality. For the most part, we as a planet have never known the true power of our sexuality because there has been a concerted effort to suppress the knowledge that will lead us to unity, wholeness, and to... more

Love. It's mysterious, it's often times elusive, and it's what we need for our survival. It makes our hearts go pitter patter and we fall head over heels into it. We are going to be talking about Eros: how to find it and maintain it. We, as a... more

It's a topic so important that we have to do a follow up. On our last show, we talked about the dynamics of individuals who are aroused by being called racial epithets during their intimate moments with partners of other races. The last half... more

Everyone says, ?Color doesn't matter, can't we all just get along?? The reality is, color does matter, very much so in every way imaginable. Publically, conversations about race are, at best, marginally politically correct, and most... more

Ladies, this show is for you. Women have come to embrace derogatory, pejorative terms to define their sexuality, misogyny is a staple of our society, and the act of intimacy has been reduced to recreation. We have internalized... more

On Friday, December 28, 2012, Scottie Lowe of AfroerotiK and Jessica Holter of The Punany Poets will join forces for the very first time to bring you a night of sensational erotica at The Crucible in Washington DC. Join the BTR discussion... more

Sex is beautiful, natural, and healthy. Pleasure, through sex, is our birthright as human beings. No one comes into being except through sex. There is, however, this pervasive shame around sex, a fear of being seen as sexual. Society force... more
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